Pay Scale Salary for Pay Band 75500-80000 Pay Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

Pay Scale Salary for Pay Band 75500-80000 Pay  Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

If you are a bureaucrat in India then you probably have gone till the pay scale of 75500-80000. It must be noted that the starting pay scale for the bureaucrat in India is 21000 to 29500 – this is till the time they are in the junior time scale. After that their pay scale jumps to 46100 to 53000. However, after the 7th CPC this figure is going to change and the increased salary will be between 182000 to 144000.

The entry level salary may seem low, but it is not actually low because the government employees a host of other facilities such as transport allowances, HRA, etc. The entry level pay scale is for those that have just joined and will move into the senior time scale after 4 years of service. Also they will move to the junior administrative level after 9 years of service and reach the deputy secretary level.

Pay band and Salary

Here are a few things that might clear your confusion regarding the pay band and the salaries:

  • As per the 7th CPC, the payment of the officials will be multiplied by 2.72. This means that the entry pay will be multiplied by 2.72 and this will be done to all payments that fall within the range of 75500-80000.
  • The payment obtained by multiplying it with 2.72 is to be always rounded off to the next whole number. This is to be done for all posts and grades.

In case you have any doubts, it must be important here to remember that the pay band and the salary for these posts are to begin from 75500. So the entry level calculations will be done on the basis of Rs. 75500 only.

Some facts about this grade pay

  1. The pay scale of 75500-80000 is for the secretaries of the IAS cadre as well as for the Director Generals or the IPS cadre. The IRS office also enjoys this pay scale.
  2. Before the 7th CPC the grade pay of this category enjoyed only a 2.57 times pay hike. However, after the 7th CPC this is going to be around 2.72 times.

This is also one of the reasons why the allowances and other payments will be hiked in these offices.

Let us take a look at the payment scenario at present at the offices with pay band 75500-80000:

Serial No. City Type or Class Gross Salary (in Rs.)
1 A-1 or X 196224
2 A or Y 188224
3 B-1 or Y 184912
4 B-2 or Y 184912
5 C or Z 1769

The gross salary is the salary that they are supposed to receive in these respective state categories.

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