Pay scale salary For Pay band 90000 Pay matrix After 7th pay Commission

Pay scale salary For Pay band 90000 Pay matrix After 7th pay Commission

Pay Band – 90000 is the highest pay band in Central and State government of India. The officers who belong to this pay band not only earn highest salary but also hold the most prestigious ranks in Indian governmental departments. After serving more than 35 years in the same department any person can be eligible to hold such position and draw such high amount of pay scale. The Pay band 90000 is higher rank than that of Apex Scale in Indian Government. The perks and allowances the officers receive are of course much more than any other pay band. The salary of these officers is fixed and they don’t receive any grade pay.

Pay Band – 90000: Posts

  • Posts under this pay band are different in different departments. Such as Indian Administrative Department has the highest post under this pay band. The Cabinet Secretary of India belongs to the pay band 90000.
  • On the other in Income Tax department the Principal Director General of the Indian Revenue Department holds the highest designation.
  • In Railways Department of India the highest designation under the mentioned pay band is called Principal Secretary (gazetted officer rank) who belongs to pay band 90000.
Sl. No. Departments Posts
1. Indian Administrative Service Cabinet Secretary of India
2. Income Tax Principal Chief Commissioner
3. Indian Army General
4. Indian Railways Principal Secretary

Pay Band – 90000: Job Profile & Experience

It is fact that if the post is prestigious then the responsibility should be more for any officer. To become a Cabinet Secretary of India one has to give at least 35 years of service in the civil service under this country without any criminal records. In case of IPS or defence department one has to serve minimum of 3 years as COAS or reach at age 62, whichever among these two will be earlier, the officer will achieve the post.

Pay Band – 90000: City type wise Salary

Depending upon the city types, such as with high risk or low risk, the salary of the highest rank officers depend. The salary under this pay band is though fixed in all levels and departments but the gross salary differ from city to city.

City type Salary (Gross)
*Z and C (Z) RS. 1, 98, 612/- per month
B – 1(Y) and B – 2 (Y) Rs. 2, 07, 612/- per month
A (Y) Rs. 2, 10, 924/- per month
A – 1 (X) Rs. 2, 19, 924/- per month

Pay Band – 90000: Under 7th Pay Commission

After the 7th Pay commission report was out the salary has been increased largely for the higher rank officers. The basic pay scale from Rs. 90000/- (fixed) has been increased to Rs. 2, 50,000/- (fixed).