7th Pay Commission Pension for Ex Servicemen

7th pay commission pension for ex servicemen

As Ex-servicemen are trying to get One Rank Pension scheme for them and for that they are struggling from many days. After such a long struggle they finally win and government decided to give One Rank One Pension scheme to Ex-servicemen. As NDA government is going to celebrate their anniversary so it seems that it is gift for Thirteen and a half lakh Ex-servicemen on NDA government anniversary

7th pay commission pension for ex servicemen

It is consider that this one rank Pension scheme will be implementing with latest 7th pay commission i.e. from Jan 2016. There are few changes that government makes in pension of ex-services.

When will be the Seventh Pay commission pay hike gets calculated January 2016
Ex-service men getting lower pension will be benefited from 7th Pay commission and OROP
OROP One Rank One Pension
Number of Ex-servicemen receiving pension 13,48,517
Year of service needed to receive full pension 33 years

Disability pension

After this new one rank one pension all the ex-services man seems to be happy. Before that decision pension was given on the basis of number of years, 33 year service was compulsory for the full pension. But now in this new One Rank Pension scheme there is no limitation of service year. Every ex service man will get the same pension without any worry about their job years.

So, Ex-service men who are getting lower pension will be benefited from One Rank One Pension after the approval of this scheme. So after a long struggle Ex-service get their rights which they are actually deserved. Now an army officer will also get the same benefits like the other centre government employee. Around 13, 48,517 ex service man will get benefited by this scheme

Payment of amount overdue and revision of pension under OROP is to be made in 4 installments. On the other hand for Family pensioner’s amount outstanding will be paid in one installment. Rs 1000 crore was allocated during 2015 Budget for the one rank pension

Amount overdue payment

As government decided to implement one rank one pension from Jan 2016. Government make decision that pensioner will get all their pending from Jan 2016. Family pensioner will also get this benefit from Jan 2016

It is good news for the Ex – service man and they feel very happy. After this decision the people in army feel secure and also they feel that their family feels secure after them. This is good step taken by the government as army person are the base of our society so they must be secure about everything so that they can give their maximum to our country.