Permanent Commission To Women

Permanent Commission To Women

What is permanent commission?

Permanent commission is a grant that is being given to the female officers in various sectors like navy, army, etc. the idea is that the female employees under these forces do not get the same salary as their male counterparts do. Hence to raise their living standards and to bring women at par with men under these departments, the raises are being given.

What is the main objective?

Through this grant, the government is trying to achieve a very deep agenda. Earlier the Prime Minister had announced that it would uplift the condition of women in the country. This is one of the agendas that are being addressed under this new rule.

Another issue is that of gender disproportionate ratios. The government sectors have men and women in a disproportionate ratio. In order to encourage women to join these wings, the government is giving them grants.

Court on Permission commission

  • In the Naval sector, the women were not enjoying pays that equaled to men’s. The Delhi High Court gave a strict judgment that any sort of “sexist bias” would not be allowed to hinder the growth of women in these sectors of society.
  • There were a bunch of writ petitions that had moved the court. The Divisional bench also said that women are “here to stay”. They mentioned that since women work with men equally at all grounds, their pays should also reflect their hard work.
  • The court was very clear in mentioning that it would “frown upon” any kind of “restrain” on the progress of women. This is why this verdict was drawn.

What led to this decision?

For a long time the women in the Navy suffered with low wages. They were also devoid of a lot of benefits. Unlike men, who enjoyed both permanent commission and short commission, women only had tenure of 14 years (short commission).

This is why they were not eligible for any sort of pension also since one needed to be of service for at least 20 years to be able to get pensions.

The women who are both working and retired had filed petitions from educational, logistics and air traffic department. Their plea was finally heard when this decision was passed.

They argued that women were forced non short commission because of which they were missing out pension after giving 14 years to their life to Navy.

Final verdict

The court had asked the naval office to take a stand. They have issued the rights to all departments asking to look into the ease of implementation of the new commission grants.

Serial no. About Info
1 Women granted 336
2 IAF officials granted 10177
3 Granted on 01.12.2016