Personal Computer Advance

Personal Computer Advance 

Ina recent order by finmin, it becomes easier for the government employees to get a personal computer. They will be able to take advantage of the same. It will help them in growing faster. With this recent order more and more employees are thankful. The notice is passed and everyone is aware of it. There are multiple benefits that this new scheme will provide to all. You have to check to get more information about the same.


Personal Computer Advance

  • “Rs.50,000 or actual price of PC, whichever is lower. The PC advance could be allowed most five times in the whole service.”
  • “Motorcar advance and motorbike / Scooter Moped boost will stand discontinued”
  • Supply of advances –7thPay commission suggestions – change to guidelines 21(5) of Compendium of guidelines on Advances to government Servants
Things to know Important facts
The undersigned is directed to say that  the choice taken by way of the government on the seventh Pay commission’s hints referring to advances, the prevailing provisions of Compendium of regulations on Advances – 21(5) regarding private computer improve are amended as consistent with the amendments connected. The alternative hobby bearing advances relating to Motorcar advance  and motorbike / Scooter Moped advance  will stand discontinued.


Those orders will take impact from the date of O.M. The cases where the advances have already been sanctioned need now not be reopened.


All Ministries/Departments are asked to deliver the amendments to the attention of all
  • It’s attached and subordinate offices for their records.

Conditions OF supply OF computer Advance:

  • Rule21(5)
  • Strengthen : private computer advance
  • Quantum : Rs.50000 or actual rate of computer, whichever is lower

Eligibility standards : All authorities personnel

The laptop Advance could be allowed most five times inside the complete carrier.

There are many more things that would come in the future.  There are several forms of benefits that this scheme will provide. You must check properly to attain good results. You can check the exact notification on the online government portals regarding the same. There you will be able to grab all the relevant information that is necessary for you. A good approach towards the right way will bring more happiness to you Take the advantage of this program if you can.

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