Pradhan Mantri Salary Pay Allowance Pension in India

Pradhan Mantri Salary Pay Allowance Pension in India

The head of the central government is the Prime Minister. Currently, Narendra Modi holds the post. But he is also a government servant and gets a monthly salary that is generated from the coffers of the Finance Department of the country. Here, you will get details about the salary that the PM draws.

Monthly salary of the Prime Minister

The monthly income of the Prime Minister of India is Rs. 1,60,000. It includes the basic salary and all other allowances, which are granted under the constitution of the country. On a weekly basis, the PM of India gets a remuneration of Rs. 36,923.

Yearly salary of the Prime Minister

Based on the information given above, one will be able to calculate the annual income of the PM. The yearly salary package of the Prime Minister stands at a whooping Rs. 1,920,000. Apart from the money, the PM also enjoys other facilities as well.

Details of the Prime Minister allowance

When discussing the details of the PM’s allowance, one must start with the Sumptuary endowments. It amounts to Rs. 3,000 each month. The PM is also entitled to receive Rs. 2000 on daily basis. The allowance amounts to Rs. 62,000 every month. Constituency Grant is also given to the PM and it amounts to Rs. 45,000. Apart from this, the PM lives in a luxurious bungalow. It is located in the prime area in New Delhi. To provide adequate security to the PM, SPG members are posted outside and inside the house 24X7. He also has many secretaries who assist him in his official tasks on a daily basis. These perks are given to the PM free of cost.

Details of the Prime Minister pension package

Once someone is elected as the Prime Minister of the county, he or she will continue to receive the perks even after retiring from the post. The ex-PM of India gets a lucrative pension package. After the PM retires, he or she will be given a luxurious accommodation from the government. The former PM will not have to worry about paying the rent for this accommodation. He or she will also get free medical facilities as well.

Apart from this, he will get the services of 14 secretarial members to do his official work. The ex- PM is given a specific amount for meeting the official expenses. Along with these facilities SPG coverage will be provided for a period of one year.

Once the PM retires, he or she is entitled to get free travel facilities as well. The person will be able to fly within the country for a maximum of five times, at executive class. The government will allow the ex-PM to take an unlimited number of train rides, anywhere in the county. The facility will remain for a period of five years.

Once the term of five years, post retirement is over, the central government will give a monthly office allowance of Rs. 6000 to the ex PM. Apart from this, he or she also gets the services of one peon and one personal assistant as well. The free train and flight tickets will also be present.

Department supervising the entire task

There is a certain department that has the responsibility of supervising the payment and record keeping of government officials’ salaries. In the same way, the salary details of the Prime Minister of the country must also be supervised. It is the task of the high placed officers of the Union Finance Ministry to see that the salary of the PM has been dispatched in the right time.


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