Punjab One Rank Up Promotion Scheme

Punjab One rank Up Promotion Scheme – Assured Career Progression of Police Personnel

The local state government of Punjab has announced to launch the new One Rank Up Promotional scheme for its officials working in the Punjab Police department. The new scheme is a type of career oriented scheme for its policeman in different designations. Under the new scheme, the state government has announced to offer promotions to the various individuals working as Head Constables, SI (Sub Inspectors), ASI (Assist. Sub Inspectors) to a higher designation or rank in the department.

Scheme Name Punjab One Rank Up Promotion Scheme
Launched by CM Amarinder Singh
Launch Place PRTC – Police Recruit Training Center
Targeted Individuals Individuals working in the State Police Department – for past 16, 24 and 30 years in the department
Scheme type Assured Career Progression Scheme

 Key Features

  • The main aim of the scheme is to offer with promotional offers to the police men and service personnel working in the Punjab Police force. As per the latest updates it is obvious that the state government will offer with convenience where promotions will be offered to different ranking personnel in the department who have been employed for fixed period of time.
  • Under the new scheme the government has announced to offer with one position higher to the Head Constable to the post of Assistant Inspector (ASI).
  • The government has also announced that the Assistant Inspector will now be promoted to the post of the Sub Inspector (SI) in the force. The provisions have also been made for promoting Sub inspector to the post of Inspector under the scheme.
  • As per the latest norms made by the local state government the promotions will be offered to any individual who has been serving in the force for a tenure of 16 years, 24 years and 30 years under various designations.
  • It is obvious that the scheme is focused on offering with improved career opportunities for the personnel who are working for the Punjab state police force.
  • The announcement of the new implementation scheme was officially announced by CM while attending the event at Hoshiarpur – Jahan Khelan (PRTC). The new scheme is also aimed in improving the conditions of the policeman such that more number of personnel will be promoted to higher ranking officials in the force.
  • The new provisions has been made by the Punjab state government with an aim to help motivate the local police form performing their duty much better and fight terrorism and other legal illegal issues in the state like drugs and terrorism.
  • Under the new implementations the CM had also addressed the gangsters to change their way and follow law or else they will be forced to face harsh consequences of the Punjab police. Under the new initiative the Cm had also announced to give away Uniforms and designations to over 14 promoted officials of the state. The new implementation has been made such that each of the policemen in the force will get an opportunity to retire only after becoming the ASI in the force.

As per the latest updates, the sum budget of Rs 5 crores has been announced by the Cm for implementation of the scheme that will be used for developing infrastructure. The sum of Rs 50 lakhs will be provided by the Discretionary grant for offering welfare to the family members of the police officers.

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