Qualification Allowances Incentive Rules Tax Exemption For Teacher Nurse Under 7th Pay Commission

Qualification Allowances Incentive Rules Tax Exemption For Teacher, Nurse Under 7th Pay Commission

Qualification Allowances are a specific financial assistance that is provided to the staffs to pursuit different courses in future. The allowance depends on the different fields. The allowance is paid to specific government employees who have passed / cleared exams for the special courses. For instance teachers, who have gone through to higher studies like M. Phil or PhD, are eligible for this allowance. After 7th Pay Commission the qualification allowance raised a bit. The allowance is not for all the teaching staff under government schools or education institutions though. The allowances are given to other professionals like nurses as well.

Qualification Allowances Rules Tax Exemption

Qualification Allowances Rules

  • To receive the qualification allowance one must have a minimum specific qualification. If the minimum required educational degree is not there, the employee shall not get any allowance regarding higher studies.
  • If the employee has already enrolled with the higher studies then he/she will not be able to receive the allowance as it is given to each employee only once for one specific course.
  • The applicant / employee have to clear the required exams for the higher courses beforehand to apply for the qualification allowances.
  • The amount of qualification allowance depends on the grade of the employee. Higher grade employees will get higher amount of allowances and comparatively lower grade employees will get lower pay.

Qualification Allowances for Teachers

Teachers of the nation are one of the most important employees who get qualification allowances from the government. For any teacher who is permanent or on contract basis with government school can be eligible for the qualification allowance. If the teacher wants to pursuit higher studies like M. Phil or PhD can get the qualification allowance of Rs. 5000/- per month.

Qualification Allowances for Nurse

As far as the nurses are concerned, they are also eligible to receive qualification allowance. Nurses who want to pursuit higher education in their nursing field will get Rs. 120/- per month as a qualification pay. The amount has increased under 7th pay commission by 1.5 times and also said to be increased by 25% with increase in DA by 50%.

Qualification Allowances Exemption

Qualification Allowance unfortunately does not fall under any tax exemption. The entire amount of the allowance, whatever it may be, will be taxed fully.

Qualification Allowance under 7th Pay Commission

For the civilians there will be higher qualification incentives. The incentive was previously given Rs. 2000 – Rs. 10000/- as grant. The amount has been increased to Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 30000/- currently.On the other for the defence employees there will be two Tiers under technical allowances such as Tier I and II. Under Tier I the employees who are working under the technical branches will get Rs. 3000/- as grant.The employees who are working under Tier II will get Rs. 4500/-. The higher qualification incentive for the civilians will merge with Tier II allowances in case of defence employees.

Qualification allowance Current amount (per month)
For teachers Rs. 5000/-
For nurse Rs. 120/-
After 7th CPC 1.5 times hike, 25% increase with increase in DA by 50%


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