Rajyapal Or Governor Salary, Pension, Allowance

Rajyapal Or Governor Salary, Pay Scale, Pension, Allowance, Perks [Rajyapal ki salary kitni hai]

The Pay Commission decides the salaries and perks, which are to be drawn by the government officials and employees. As per the updated information, there has been an increase in the salaries of all important government posts. This announcement highlights that the Governors of all states will also get a hike in their monthly salaries. Here, you will get information about the remuneration and perks, which Governors will receive henceforth.

Monthly Salary

Earlier, the monthly salary of all Governors of different states was Rs. 1.10 lakhs. After the proposed hike, state Governors will receive as much as Rs. 3.5 lakhs on a monthly basis.

Yearly Salary

Though the salary of Governors is less than what other top administrative ministers get, the hike takes their annual salary to an all-time high figure. From now on, state Governors will receive an annual remuneration of Rs. 42 lakhs.

Allowance, Perks and other benefits

Apart from the salary, the Governors are entitled to other perks and allowances as well. They receive residential allowances as well as travel allowances. When they are on any tours, they get hotel stay expenses. Apart from this, they also receive fully paid staff for residential chores, and maintenance tasks. The electricity, telephone and other such bills are also included in the additional allowance list. In addition to this, a number of people will assist the governor to carry out their administrative obligations. These people will also be paid by the government. The Lok Sabha has also decided that ex-governors will hence forth receive more pension as well.

Which department supervises the payment of these remunerations?

The central finance department of India looks after the payment of all governors, stationed in the different states. Their monthly salaries, perks and other allowances are dispatched from the central finance department. All records are maintained by the finance department staffs.

Role of the governors

  1. It is mandatory for the governor not to hold any office under the state or the central government. He must also not be associated with any of the two legislative houses. All governors must relinquish their seats, if they desire to discharge their duties as the governor.
  2. After appointment, all state governors will have the power to form and implement laws, by passing ordinances.
  3. He/she will also be able to dissolve, summon and the state legislative session.
  4. Around 1/6th members of any state legislative council must be appointed by the respective state governor.
  5. The governor has to open the very first session of state legislative house, after the completion of the election.
  6. Another responsibility of the governor is to highlight any bills, which need careful consideration by the members of the state legislative assembly.
  7. The governor also has the power to dispatch money from the state contingency fund. This money will be spent to take care of emergency financial requirements.

There was much discontentment among the governors over their low remuneration packages. The central government took their request in consideration and decided to increase the amounts. Proper remuneration will boost the enthusiasm of state governors and they will discharge their duties properly.

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