SAIL Pay Scale Salary Designation Allowance Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

SAIL Pay Scale Salary Designation Allowance Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

SAIL, aka the Steel Authority of India is one of the top iron and steel makers of our country. The company has the capability of producing both basic and special steel for construction, power, railway, automotive and defense projects. The company has been able to implement massive projects that are both technically and mechanically advanced considering the requirement of our country. SAIL has got the best machines and tools to provide the country with the best quality materials. Another important aspect of the company is its highly skilled manpower. The company respects their human resources with the best housing, education, medical, sports and recreation facilities.

  • The career opportunities of employees in SAIL

The career opportunities and HRD policies adopted by SAIL will offer the employees with a consistent and comprehensive growth. If you are dreaming to join the executive cadre, you can also hope for having one of the executive positions in top management. And this also includes the board level. If you are looking for the junior office positions then the non-executive cadres will also offer you with opportunities. You can join the non-executive cadre at early age and realize the aspirations that match up with your potential. There are different grades and patterns for SAIL pay structure. The pay for executive officers is actually governed by the guidelines according to Department of Public Enterprises of India. For the officers of Industrial area, the pay scale will be according to the DA pattern and the pay for non-executive employees will be according to negotiation with workmen.

  • The facilities, and allowances according to designation

The revision of scales of pay/allowances will be covering all the executives holding posts. The executives who are deputed to other organizations or the PSE’s are not covered within the revision. The revised pay scales of E-6 and E-7 will be notified after obtaining necessary clearance from Administrative Ministry. The executives of E-6 and E-7 will be provided a provisional pay. The executives for company rolls will be fitted according to the revised scales. The pay structure includes basic pay + fitment benefit @305 of amount arrived. The executives who have joined after 1.1.2007, their pay will be fixed according to basic pay of executives or the management trainees appointed in SAIL after 1.1.2007. In case of the executives and management trainees, their pay shall also be revised who have been allowed higher pay. In certain cases if the sum of revised basic pay and DA is less than the sum of pre-revised Basic Pay and DA, then the differences will be allowed within the personal pay.

  • SAIL employees Pay Scale and Grade

SL NO Grade for Executives Pay Scale for Executives
1. E9 62000-3%-80000
2. E8 51300-3%-73000
3. E7 To be notified
4. E6 To be notified
5. E5 43200-3%-66000
6. E4 36600-3%-62000
7. E3 32900-3%-58000
8. E2 24900-3%-50500
9. E1 20600-3%-46500
10. E0 12600-3%-32500
Grade for Non Executives Pay scale
11. S11 12460-3%-23970
12. S10 11860-3%-22920
13. S9 11400-3%-19350
14. S8 10960-3%-17650
15. S7 10530-3%-17030
16. S6 10120-3%-16400
17. S5 9730-3% -15020
18. S4 9440-3%-13930
19. S3 9160-3%-13150
20. S2 8890-3%-12650
21. S1 8630-3%-12080

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