Sikkim Skilled Youth Startup Scheme 2020

Sikkim Skilled Youth Startup Scheme 2020 (Apply Form for Unemployed Youths, Application form)

The Sikkim government has introduced the Skilled Youth Startup Scheme for the unemployed youth of the state. The main idea has been put forward by Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang to offer loan subsidy for candidates searching for job opportunities. However, the interested candidates have to register online to get the scheme benefits. To offer fair entrepreneur opportunities to the youth of the state such ideas have been started. Let us take you through some other benefits of the scheme.

Sikkim Skilled Youth Startup Scheme
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Launch details of the scheme

Name of scheme


Sikkim Skilled Youth Startup Scheme

Target group of scheme


Unemployed youth of state

Main objective of scheme


Offer better business and employment opportunities

Scheme launched in



Scheme announced by


Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang

Date of scheme launch

18 September 2020

Key features of the scheme

  1. Target group of the scheme – The unemployed and educated youth are the beneficiaries of the scheme in Sikkim
  2. Main focus of the scheme –The main objective of scheme launch is offering loan subsidies and generate entrepreneurial scope for youth both in urban and rural areas of the state
  3. Categories eligible for scheme benefits – The BPL candidates will get 50% financial help and 35% will be given to the ones to get bankable projects from the government
  4. Implementation of scheme – The entitled Commerce and Industries Department scheme will beimplemented through the help of District Industries Centers.

Eligibility criteria –

  • Residential details –The permanent candidates of Sikkim are eligible for the scheme
  • Income details – The unemployed candidates have to offer their family income details and show its limit to justify their eligibility for the scheme 
  • Educational details –The educated youth has to furnish educational details to ensure that they are eligible to get the loan subsidies under the scheme

Documents required –

  • Residential details – The candidates have to furnish suitable residential or address proof to justify their eligibility  
  • Income details – The interested candidate needs to produce a family income certificate, if any, for scrutiny by higher authority
  • Identification proof – It is a must for youth to produce an Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, and ration card at the time of registering for the scheme
  • Educational details –The candidate should furnish a suitable educational certificate to justify that they have the eligibility to get the financial help and become an entrepreneur

online application procedure of scheme

The application form for the scheme will be available from the following sources.

  • DIC in Gangtok for applicants in East and North Sikkim
  • DIC in Jorethang for applicants in South and West Sikkim

Where do the applicants need to submit the application form?

The interested applicants have to submit the application and suitable documents with correct project reports addressed to the General Manager of DIC in Gangtok and Jorethang that includes all state areas. The applicants have to ensure that they submit correct documents. It will be scrutinized by higher authority to justify candidates’ claim and their eligibility for the scheme.

List of sectors for youths to take up entrepreneurship

  1. Dairy
  2. Poultry
  3. Organic farming
  4. Manufacturing sectors
  5. Handloom industries
  6. Piggery
  7. Adventure tourism
  8. Setting up greenhouse
  9. Wood aircraft
  10. Film oriented activities

The main purpose is promoting self-employment with the facility of loan subsidies offered by the state government. With this, the youth can get an opportunity to explore better entrepreneurial skills and contribute to the economic development of the state. 


Q: How will financial help be given to candidates?

Ans: Through public sector banks, PSU and other financial institutes 

Q: What are the target groups of the scheme?

Ans: Unemployed youths in Sikkim, both from urban and rural areas

Q: What is the main objective of the scheme?

Ans:Offer financial help to educated unemployed youth

Q: When has the scheme been launched?

Ans: 18th September, 2020

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