Submarine Allowance | Submarine Duty Allowance | Submarine Technical Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission

Submarine Allowance | Submarine Duty Allowance | Submarine Technical Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission 

To be secure on land, we must be supreme at sea. Our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru couldn’t have been more correct when he wrote this. Ours is a Maritime Nation – if we’ve to keep it secured, we must secure it well at the weakest point, which is the Sea. Therefore, the navy is the most crucial link in India’s security chain.

Submarine Allowance Submarine Duty Allowance Submarine Technical Allowance.

When we talk about navy, massive submarines that can pounce upon the enemy at anytime come to the mind. But those giant submarines don’t work by themselves. They’re controlled by highly qualified submariners who sacrifice their health for the security of our nation as they work on them to protect our borders.

  • Submarine Allowances

Considering the hazardous work conditions of submarines and their impact on the health of submariners Indian Government had introduced three submarine allowances in 5th CPC: Submarine Allowance, Submarine Duty Allowance and Submarine Technical Allowance. All these allowances are provided for working on a submarine, but they’re different  from each other. And since they’re different, their rates are also different. Let’s understand the difference first:

  • Submarine Duty Allowance

    is paid to Defense Personnel who’re not qualified submariners but are required to go on a submarine duty for training, trials, passage or any other purpose. The present rate for this allowance is Rs. 135 per day for officers and Rs. 45 per day for Personnel Below Officer Ranks (PBORs).

  • Submarine Technical Allowance

    is paid to Naval officers and technicians for the period they’re deployed in any submarine maintenance duty. Currently it’s paid at the rate of Rs. 300 per month.

  • And finally we’ve the regular Submarine Allowance, which is paid to qualified submariners and officers who discharge their duties on a submarine for most part of their service. Since they work in those hazardous environments for longer than anyone, they’re exposed to additional risks. Therefore, they’re paid submarine allowance according to rates given below:
Rank Allowance
Chief Petty Officer and below Rs. 10,500 per month
Master Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class/1st Class Rs. 12,600 per month
Sub-Lieutenant Rs. 13,500 per month
Lieutenant Rs. 16,500 per month
Captain (with more than 3 years of service in the same rank) Rs. 15750 per month
Lieutenant Captain, Lieutenant Commander or Commander (with less than 3 years of service in the rank) Rs. 21,000 per month
  • Submarine Allowances in 7th CPC

A crucial compensation like these allowances should be increased on regular intervals to encourage the deserving people who discharge such duties with full dedication. Therefore, in 7th CPC government has decided to increase these allowances by 1.5%. They’ll be paid according to new Risk and Hardship Matrix that government has decided to utilize for all risk related allowances.

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