Suvigya 7th Pay Commission

Suvigya 7th Pay Commission

Suvigya is the new system, introduced by Central government for the pensioners. This is the system that will fetch many details to the pension holders, under central government.

Suvigya Details

  • When one goes to the website of the Suvigya, he or she will have to answer to some of the questions. Through the different questions, employees will have to share different details of their employment.
  • After the details of the employee has been shared, details of the pension or the pension amount will be shared to the pensioner. He can get complete details directly in his registered email or on the screen.
  • There are four categories of employees, in the website. From there, one will have to choose his category of employment. Every different category will have to fill a different form for knowing the pension details.
  • For PBOR and OROP, there are different forms. The forms are to be filled for only one time. Every next time, the code number provided to the users will fetch all his or her details.

Progress of 7th Pay Commission

  • Seventh pay commission has been declared by the central government on 1st September of 2016. It has been stated that the hike in basic and allowances will be applicable on and from 1st January, 2017.
  • The structure of the pay commission will complete the analysis within 18 months. For the 14 months, from 1st of January 2017, aerier will be paid to the employees.
  • It has been four months from the date of declaration and still then no board has been set up. This is the complain from most of the employees.
  • The sarvigya website is the perfect answer of the same. The hike in the basic is applicable for the pensioners too. The website is meant to show the pension structure of them.
  • The table that one will find in the website is the indication about the scale or tentative hike an ex-employee will be getting from the 7th Commission.

7th Pay Commission Might not take 18 months

With the declaration of the website, employees who were worried about the effect of the commission are pacified. There are different things that are to be taken care in the action and one of the key aspect here is the reduction of the allowance scheme. It has been reported that, 51 allowances has been deleted from the commission. Regrading the same news, a new tension is developing among the central government employees. Things are happening so fast, that some are thinking that this commission will not take 18 months for the completion of structure.