[treasury2.tn.gov.in] Tamilnadu ECS Online Status Salary Slip Pension 

[treasury2.tn.gov.in] Tamilnadu ECS Online Status Salary Slip Pension 

Tamil Nadu state government has recently started a new online portal for the government employees of the state. The said employees will be able to check their payment and clearance status through this online portal. Besides ECS status they will be able to check for salary slips, health and education related details and much more through their online account in this new web portal.

ECS Online Portal

Electronic Clearing System or ECS is an online provision for payments for various purposes. State government employees and ex-employees receive their salary, pension, subsidies and various monetary facilities through Electronic system only. Through this system the receivers/employees receive all their payments on time directly in their bank accounts.

The Department of Treasuries and Accounts in Tamil Nadu has started this portal. Their official website http://treasury2.tn.gov.in/ will be the one through which one can check their payment / pension / salary status online.

Need for Online ECS Status Check

The main benefit for providing such service is to save time. As now people can easily check their details of ECS payments, it will be much more time saving. Besides that the portal will be another step taken by one of the state governments in support of Digital India.

Not only the salaried employees but the retired people will be able to check the status of their pensions without moving from one place to another. All they have to do is login with the portal and check for the status of pension and other clearances.

Besides all these this portal will also be benefitted for the people to check the key details about the DDO reports. They need to login with DDO code and can view the reports.

How to Check ECS payments

  • To check ECS status online one has to have the ECS account details with him/her. To start with the employee will have to login to the website with login details.
  • In this mentioned login page the employees or ex-employees have to enter prefix number, PPO number, PAN number and date of birth to login to the website.
  • Once logged in, the employee will be redirected to the new link which is the official web portal for the Department of Treasuries and Accounts. There you will find two ways to check the status. They are with GPF number or with your bank account number. One can choose either of them from the given list.
  • If the candidate has selected GPF option then they have to enter the general provident fund number given to them by their employers. On the other if they want to check it via bank account details, then they can enter bank account number to proceed.
  • After logging in to the website, the employees will get three options ECS status of government employees, ECS status for pensioners and DDO reports. Click on the status you want to check and proceed further.

Salary Slip Checking

  • To check the salary slip status, one will have to take similar steps as mentioned above. To check the status or download their salary slip or e-payslip one needs to click on the following link http://epayroll.tn.gov.in/epayslip.
  • In this page, one has to enter their employment code and suffix. Along with them date of birth must be entered to the text box given below. Click on the Login button to proceed further.
  • After logging in the employees can view their e-payslip or can download the pay slip from the page. It is much easier than manual checking.


There are 12 districts in Tamil Nadu that have Treasury offices. With the launch of such portal people living outside of these 12 districts can also check many details regarding health, education and pension at any time.


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