TNPSC Pay Scale Salary Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

TNPSC pay scale salary allowance after 7th pay commission

Since January 2011 the demand for seventh pay commission has been raised. It was since the 5 years that the proposal for the pay commission has been decided but it did not happened to be so as recommended by the government at that moment of time.

It was since 1946 that the pay commission scheme was introduced for the government employee but till today there were only six pay commissions that were being raised by the government for the benefits of government servant. All the six pay commissions’ ahs something special for the employee involved in serving the governmental organization.

Detailed of several commissions

There were six commissions that were introduced since 1946 and these commissions do have certain specialty and these specialties are listed in the points given below:

  • In the first pay commission the ‘living wage’ concept was being introduced.
  • In the second pay commission the plan was introduced in order to incorporate the better working condition and thereby the effective functioning of the mechanisnms performed the government can easily be carried out.
  • In the third pay commission the introduction implied certain concept and these concept reflects the ‘need based wage’.
  • The parliament machinery and reformation was done through the fourth pay commission. By this commission, the undertakings and periodical reviews are made for the central government employees.
  • In the fifth pay commission it was introduced that pay scale would be introduced as per the demand of the public sector. It was found that the demand of the public sector was difficultto concede so there were huge difference between the two different sectors.
  • The sixth pay commission implies that there would sufficient package for the government employee and apart from such recommendations and therefore the recommendations were also made to improve the government structure. This has helped the government to provide better mechanisms that are associated with the delivery and thereby providing better services for the common people.

About the seventh pay commission

Before introducing the pay commission it becomes essential for the government to think about certain criteria and these criteria is depending upon the financial structure, present resource condition, economic situation of the country and apart from all these there are comparisons that is in between the public as well as the private sectors.

The determination of pay commission is a sensitive as well as the complicated task. Setting of this type of plans is a challenging task. When an individual is determining the pay commission he or she has to prepare the structure in that way so that one can easily go through the structure. This allows the nation to have great economic condition, better working condition and strength of the work force also increases.

In the early pay commissions it was noticed that the recommendations are mainly developed with an intention that it benefits for the development of the nation as well as for the welfare of the nation. Therefore the people serving for the government   are helped with such benefits. The benefit has also made the employee to have effective working ability and that helps them perform better with their job responsibilities.


The implementation of such pay commissions throughout 1946 has helped people to have number of benefits. The benefits are encouraging people or the employees to go for hard work and with better dedication. The dedication that they are providing for the work i8s helping the nation to have better utility and that result in success cess and several success in the invention and implementation that the government is enforcing for the benefits of the common people of this particular nation.


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