Train Clerk Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

Train Clerk Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

Train Clerks in Indian Railway department is an important position. Train clerks are not the same as general clerks in Railway department. Train clerks keep a record of number of wagons, they handle the train documents, prepare them and check on them. The documents such as maintenance, working status, control on train working status and much more are handled by the train clerks. Train clerks fall in the lowest pay band that is pay band 1. The entry level salary of an train clerk starts from Rs. 5200/- and the highest salary a train clerk can receive is Rs. 20, 200/- per month including the allowances and perks. Train clerks are posted in stations.

Train Clerk Position wise Salary

There are three positions of a train clerk. They are namely Chief Train Clerks, Senior Train Clerks and Train Clerks. The position wise pay scale of the clerks in train is as follows:

Position Pay scale (per month) Grade pay (per month)
Chief Train Clerks 5200/- – 20200/- 4200/-
Senior Train Clerks 5200/- – 20200/- 2400/-
Train Clerks 5200/ – – 20200/- 1900/-

Train clerks and senior train clerks have chance to get promoted and hold the position of assistant station master in the concerned station.

Train Clerk Allowances

There are some basic allowances that a train clerk receives on monthly basis from the railway government. The allowances are:

  • Dearness allowances: Dearness allowances are the basic allowances paid to the government employees at a rate of 113% of the basic pay scale of the particular employee.
  • Travel allowances: the train clerks get TA on the basis of their basic pay scale. the employee can travel anywhere within the country via train and he will get a portion of reimbursement.
  • House Rent Allowances: Train clerks are eligible for the railway quarters. If they are not provided one then they will receive the house rent allowances for their current living area.
  • Others: running allowances, night duty allowances, medical allowances, pension after retirement, gratuity and other benefits after retirement fall under this section.

These are some of the allowances that train clerks receive monthly.

Train Clerk Pay scale after 7th pay commission

After 7th pay commission the report published the pay scale of the train clerks has been changed. Overall the pay scale in all position of train clerks has increased by 23.56%. On the other the grade pay of the employees has removed and DA has also increased for some specific railway officers.