Treasury Manager Salary Qualification For Recruitment [Allowance And Bonus]

Treasury Manager Salary Qualification For Recruitment [Allowance And Bonus]

Treasury managers take care of the financial assets of any organization. With the help of this manager, proper financial decisions are taken. In addition, he also takes care of the proper utilization of cash on hand and supervises the overall cash flow management. He is also responsible for looking after the borrowed money. Furthermore, financial strategies that would be the best for the company are decided by the treasury manager such that it helps the organization to reach its goals easily. The main aim is to look after the financial stability of the company.

Treasury Manager Salary

Some other job duties of the manager are illustrated as follows:

  • Mentor junior analysts and ensure that the team members are capable of managing their own tasks.
  • The manager should be responsible for the banking and finances of the company. It also includes keeping track of the accounts of the company and analyzes which service would be required.
  • He or she should set the cash management strategy effectively for the organization, and managing the cash forecasting models properly.
  • He would be responsible to sanction the financial decisions of the company and analyses the financial condition of the company long before it starts to run into any massive loss.
  • He is also responsible for looking after the fact that the company follows the accounting rules strictly. He should also try to maintain a healthy relationship with the legal staffs.

Required qualities of a treasury manager

  • The individual should have excellent logical skills.
  • Excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing are required by the treasury manager that would be required in report writing and giving presentations.
  • One of the most important is computer skills that would be required to deal with the financial software of the company and work on the same perfectly.
  • The individual should have good decision-making power as many of the decisions of the finance department would be sanctioned by him.
  • He or she should be a details oriented person.
  • Also, having superb mathematical skills are required who would be appointed as treasury manager of the organization.

Salary structure of treasury manager in India

According to rules and regulations set in India, a treasury manager gets average salary of Rs. 900,000 on a yearly basis. The chances of promotion in this department to higher positions are possible after almost 20 years. In this relation, the experience of the individual plays a vital role in determining the scale or the chances of promotion of the employee. The range of the salary is rupees 426,566 to 1,863,435. Moreover, a bonus of rupees 48,479 to 309,967 is given to the employee and it might vary depending on the experience of the employee.

Pertaining to this, a consultant like James Colhoun is of the opinion that the salary range differs from one company to the other and it also depends on the size of the organization. Besides, the location of the organisation also plays an important role as a deciding factor to set the level of salary of the treasury manager. However, experience also plays a big role in determining the salary of the treasury manager.

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