Two Years Bonus For Central Government Employee

Two Years Bonus For Central Government Employee 

The minimum wage of the Non-Farm workers will be increased by the Central Government of India. The minimum wage of the non-farm workers was Rs 246 per day earlier and it will be increased to Rs 350 per day.

Reason behind Minimum Wage Increase

The reason behind increasing the minimum wage of Non-Farm workers is the continuous threat given by the Trade Unions. The Trade Unions recently threatened about going on a strike on 2nd September, 2016. But the government has tried to appease the Trade Unions by declaring the hike in minimum wage on 30th August, 2016.

The government also announced that the workers will get the bonus for the last two financial years as per revised regulations. This recent increase will affect the bonus of the workers of financial year 2014-15 and 2015-16. The central government amended the bonus and they have urged that this Bonus Amendment Act will be effected very strictly.

The Indian Government also assured that they would take necessary steps for resolving pending cases on payment of bonus in the courts. It is likely that the Non-Farm workers will collectively get a bonus amount of Rs 1,920 crore yearly.

Vital events behind Minimum wage increase

In the recent years, the inter-ministerial group of India had several important meetings with Central Trade Unions. The Trade Unions placed their demands in the recent meetings and mainly the demands were about labor related and other economic policy related. Actually, the Central Government got to know about the demands and made decisions according to the demands.

The decision of reviewing and increasing the wages was taken after several discussions at the meeting of the Minimum Wage Advisory Board. The labor minister of India was also involved in the meeting.

The states will be strictly advised to register contract worker and their staffing agencies. It will be mandatory for the states to implement this procedure. If any contractor conducts any inappropriate act, they will have to face appropriate action for their violation.

Several sectors such as Anganwadi, Mid-Day Meal and Asha, etc. will be given social security benefits by the Indian Government. The issues of giving social security benefits will be handled by a committee.

Government Plans for appeasing with Trade Unions

The government is also planning to merge associate banks of SBI bank with the parent bank. But the government assured that this merging will not be objected by the Trade Unions because the government thinks that the service condition of the employees will not be affected by it.

Overall 10 central trade unions called for a one day strike on India on Septeber 2, 2016 and thus the government was forced to increase the minimum pay of the non-farm workers. This will obviously affect the strike call according to the Government.

Details about Minimum Wage Increase

Topic Minimum Wage Increase
Beneficiaries Unskilled Non-Farm workers
Earlier Wage Rs. 246 Per Day
Increased Wage Rs. 350 Per Day
Purpose To meet the demands of Central Trade Unions
Provided By Central Government of India


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