WB Mamata Kitchen (Didir Rannaghar) Scheme 2020 – Meal at Rs. 5

WB Mamata Kitchen (Didir Rannaghar) Scheme 2020 (Meal at Rs. 5, menu, location, Thali scheme)

The WB Mamata Kitchen has been launched by West Bengal government to help the individuals of financially weaker sections. The poor families and workers have suffered extreme financial setback due to pandemic. Owing to this, the state government has come up with the scheme plan to help the poor families. Other than food security, the state government is trying its best to extend other help as well. Let us take you through some other relevant information of the scheme.

WB Mamata Kitchen Scheme

Launch details of WB Mamata Kitchen scheme


WB Mamata Kitchen Scheme

(Didir Rannaghar)

Target group

Economically weaker sections

Launched in


West Bengal

Announced by


West Bengal state government

Rate of per meal

Rupees 5

Key features of WB Mamata Kitchen Scheme –

  • Beneficiaries of the scheme – The poor people belonging to the unorganized and underprivileged sectors are the ones who will be benefitted from the scheme.
  • Main focus of scheme launch – The main idea of scheme launch is to offer food with a low token money to economically weaker sections along with poor workers.
  • Pledge taken by ruling party – By starting this community kitchen, state government officials are trying to offer help and feed the poor families who have been hit hard due to the outspread of the pandemic.

However, other than the food offerings to the poor people, new clothes will be given to poor people. Also, the kitchen facility will continue even during the festive time. The community kitchen has started to operate in most parts of the state. Some of the places includeBarrackpore in North 24-Parganas district, Belgachhia (in Kolkata area) and Howrah district.

Eligibility criteria –

  • Residential details – As the scheme has been launched in West Bengal, only the permanent candidates of the state are eligible
  • Identification proof – The candidates should have suitable identification proof to justify that they belong to the economically backward sections of the society. 

Documents required –

  • Residential details – The residents need to produce domicile documents to justify that they are the permanent residents of the state 
  • Income details – The candidates have to produce suitable income details to justify that they have lost their jobs or are not able to feed their family due to the pandemic situation
  • Identification proof – As identification, they have to give Aadhaar card, Voter ID card and some equivalent options to avail of scheme benefits

In most of the state, the scheme has started to operate and it is offering food to the candidates for rupees 5 per meal. Moreover, the state government will offer new clothes so that the poor families can wear them during the coming festival.

Hygiene measures are maintained for the scheme –

  • As per the guidance of state officials, special measures will be taken for the hygiene purpose of the scheme
  • The hygiene precautions and other details for the scheme will be spread in every block levels to reach out to the beneficiaries
  • State government has already set up 700 Sramojibi canteen or community kitchen
  • State has also made preparation for 50 health clinics along with safe house facilities


Q: What is WB Mamata Kitchen scheme?

Ans: Offer food to migrant workers and poor people as they have lost jobs due to the pandemic

Q: What is the rate of meal under the scheme?

Ans: Rupees 5 per meal

Q: At what time the meal will be given?

Ans: 11 A.M to 3 PM

Q: What menu will be offered under the Mamata Kitchen scheme?

Ans: Mostly vegetarian items like rice, dal, mix vegetable, vegetable stewsoyabean, and rice coked with lentils, papad

Q: What is the other name of the Mamata Kitchen Scheme?

Ans: Didir Rannaghar Scheme

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