Wing Commander Pay Scale Grade Pay Salary Slip Allowance Facility After 7th Pay Commission

Wing Commander Pay Scale Grade Pay Salary Slip Allowance Facility After 7th Pay Commission

Wing Commander Pay Scale

The post of Wing Commander is one of the prestigious ranks of the Indian Air Force. They draw their salary as per the implemented central pay commission in the centre. The current pay scale of a Wing Commander of IAF is calculated as per the pay matrix fixed in the ongoing pay commission, i.e. the 6th central pay commission. At present, the pay scale of an IAF Wing Commander is Rs. 37,400 – Rs. 67,000. This is the Pay band – IV of the pay band structure. Air Force’s Wing Commander is a rank is obtained by IAF personnel after getting promotion from the rank of Squadron Leader.

Wing Commander Grade Pay

After the pay scale, the main part of salary structure of any govt. employee is the grade pay which is implied with the pay scale. Air Force personnel appointed to the rank of Wing Commanders receive a fixed grade pay of Rs. 7,600 per month, in addition to their pay scale. The grade pay of any rank is decided as per the recommendations of the pay commission. The grade pay in addition to the pay scale determines the basic salary of the Wing Commander.

Wing Commander Salary

The basic monthly salary of the Wing Commander depends on several factors. One is the pay scale which is decided according to which pay band in the pay matrix table, the post lies. Another factor of deciding the basic salary is the grade pay, which is applicable in that rank. Wing Commanders get the basic salary of Rs. 37,400 – Rs. 67,000, with grade pay of Rs. 7,600. In addition to this, there are several other factors which decide the gross salary of the Wing Commanders. Military service pay is an extra fixed amount which is also added to the salary of the Wing Commanders. The total salary also depends on the years of experience of the Wing Commander. Below is the salary structure of Wing Commander:

Sl. No. Fields Related data
1 Name of rank Wing Commander
2 Pay scale Rs. 37,400 – Rs. 67,000
3 Pay Band PB – IV
4 Grade Pay Rs. 7,600 per month
5 Military Service Pay Rs. 6,000 per month
6 Flying Allowance Rs. 17,500 per month
7 Transport allowance Rs. 3,200 + DA for A and A1 cities.

Rs. 1,600 + DA for other cities.

Wing Commander Allowance

Apart from the regular salary of the Wing Commanders, there are some added allowances applicable each month. The major allowance is the dearness allowance which at the present rate as per 6th pay commission is 125 per cent of the basic salary. Also the other allowances are transport allowance, HRA, flying allowance, etc.

Benefits under 7th pay commission

  • After the implementation of the 7th pay commission, the pay band of the Wing Commanders is expected to get revised. It is expected that the present pay band will be changed to Rs. 1,12,200 – Rs. 2,01,000.
  • The grade pay is expected to rise from the existing Rs. 7,600 to Rs. 22,800 which will result a big boost in the salary of the Wing Commanders.
  • Several allowances like the transport allowance, HRA, kit maintaining allowance, etc. will also get newly structured in the new pay commission. But the rate of DA will start from zero again.

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