Advance Payment of Salary on account of Ganpati Festival for Central Govt Employees 2020

Advance Payment of Salary on account of Ganpati Festival for Central Govt Employees 2020

Since the Ganesh Chaturthi is approaching the central government of India has decided to disburse the salary to all the central government employees in Maharashtra. As per the central government, not only the present employees but also the retired employees will also their advanced pension money. The Ganpati festival is going to be help from 22nd August to 1st September 2020.


Brief information about Ganpati festival

Ganpati festival is a very popular festival in Maharashtra. The festival is held for worshipping the Lord Ganesha. It is a Hindu festival that runs for 10 long days, but the significance of the festival is that people regardless of cast and creed join. Usually, the festival held between August and September as per the Hindu calendar. As per the people of Maharashtra, Lord Ganesha signifies wealth in business and Maharashtra is state where businesses flourish the most in the country. So, the people worship Ganesha to get his blessings, apart from that Ganpati is also signifies wisdom and good luck. That is the reason those ten days are the most holy ten days in the state.

People of every household worship the idol. Several communities in the state also arrange puja, and they establish humongous Ganpati idol. After 10 days the big day comes when the idol immersion takes place. People take out the idol for a grand procession to the nearest river. Throughout the 10 days people not only worship their God but also enjoy among themselves. They wear new clothes; visit pandals to see the Ganpati puja, participate in several cultural events, and last but not the least food remain the centre of attraction. Among all of the culinary few things are common, and they are jiggery, 21 modaks, and coconut as they are considered as the favorite foods of Ganpati.

This is the reason, the central government has decided to give the salary in advanced so that people can enjoy those ten days throughout. The pensioners will also get their pension money in advance in Maharashtra. With this step the government is hoping that no central government employee has to face any financial trouble during the time of festival. Earlier the government also decided to provide the salary in advance to employees in Kerala for the Onam festival. The government’s objective is to let the people enjoy whole-heartedly.

During the time of the festival the people of Maharashtra will get holiday. However, this year the festival will be a little different than previous years. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the surging cases in Maharashtra the government will take few measures to tackle the people. There will be some protocol and people are expected to follow the protocol to prevent further spreading. However, people still can enjoy the festival maintain a safe distance from each other. This is the reason government of India is paying the people in advance so that they do not feel deprived of joy of Ganpati festival.

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