Advance Payment of Salary on Account of Onam Festival for CG employees in Kerala 2020

Advance Payment of Salary on account of Onam Festival for CG employees in Kerala 2020

The Kerala government decided to pay salary in advance to the employees account. The government will not pay the existing employees in advance but also transfer the pension to the ex-employees account in advance. The payment will be done by 20th august, 2020 for the upcoming Onam festival.


Onam is the biggest festival in the state of Kerala. The festival will start from 22nd August, 2020, and it will run until 2nd September, 2020. This is a festival where people from different caste and creed participate, in one word it is a festival of unity. Essentially, Onam is a harvest festival but there is some mythical significance to it. During the time the entire state is decked up with flower and light. The residents decorate their houses with flowers and people wear new clothes on the very day.

Brief knowledge about Onam

The festival comprises of different cultural activities and people take part in those cultural activities for ten long day. The first day of the festival is called Atham and the last day of the festival is called Thiruvonam. As, it is said earlier that this festival has mythological significance; so, each day of Onam depicts King Mahabali’s journey to Kerala. Pookalam is one of the significant activities of Onam where people create flower designs in their houses. There is competition is held of Pookalam-making.

One of the most significant activities is the Vallam Kali which is a very popular boat race. The activity is organized near to water bodies and thousands of people take part in that activity. People from all around the world come to see the festival. Apart from these there are song and dance practices. There is Thirvathira kali where women perform song and dance, and various folk songs are sung at that time. There is Puli Kali which is Tiger dance where men paint their body as tigers and dance on the streets with traditional musical instruments.

Onam is incomplete without food and Onam Sadhya is a food festival. On that very day every household in Kerala prepare a wide variety of traditional dishes. People of Kerala prepare 20 to 30 vegetarian dishes that consist of a wide range of daal and chatnies.

So, to arrange all these one will require finance and state government is always ready to spurt the people’s need. Throughout the year people of Kerala wait for the festival. Every year the government of Kerala pays the salary and pension to the employees and the pensioners before the festival commences. Even though the festival runs for ten days the state government declares four days of state holiday.

The Kerala government is looking forward to disburse the salary on 20th August, 2020 to all the government employees and the e-government employees in Kerala. The order has been passed on 6th August, 2020 and the copy of the order will be sent to all the state government offices in order to initiate the pay roll calculation.

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