Amendment in Delhi’s education policy might result in huge protests by the teachers

Amendment in Delhi’s education policy might result in huge protests by the teachers

New Delhi, December 01, 2015, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Party is trying to make a few amendments in the Delhi School Education (DSE) Act, 1973, and verification of Delhi school Bill, 2015. The private school management and the educationists are trying to carry out massive protests to oppose the bill.  The DSE Act 1973 bill with few modifications have been passed by the HRD Minister, Manish Sisodia last month by deleting one of the sections, which actually assures that the private school teachers are paid salaries and get benefits equally to that of their government counterparts.

However, this rule actually takes away the right of the private school employees to get paid equally to that of the government school employees. As per the clauses in the law, the employees of the private school can get the benefits and payments that are revised under central pay commission on a regular basis. But, if the changed ACT is passed, then the private school employee will not be entitled to get the claims that they use to get previously when this 7th pay commission comes into force told the Ashok Agarwal, the advocate and the president of All-India Parents Association.

The provision that was being implemented after 42 years of struggle would go futile, if the AAP party passes the amendment bill. The people of Delhi have trusted AAP party and voted them to protect the rights of the employees, but rather the government is trying to take away the rights of the employees.

The BJP and congress parties did not come to the rescue of the private employee alleged, Agarwal. Indeed, the amendment to the bill has been made on the force from the private school management. Moreover, Agarwal fired on the government for this filthy move.

Consequences of changing this act

When this act comes into force, then the teachers cannot claim even the minimum wages that they are entitled to get. Moreover, this bill once passed, would make the private teachers as a domestic servant and this directly results in reduction of their salaries and indeed court could not come to the rescue of the employee said, Agarwal. Another education activist, Shantha Sinha told that this amendment bill when passed will slam the dignity of teachers. To give equal respects for these professional like others, the government should withdraw this attempt. The private school teachers warned Arvind Kejriwal to withdraw this move and one of the teachers told that, the Chief Minister has deceived the teachers by making changes to the bills, which actually takes back the right of the private school teachers to get paid equally with their government counterparts.

Fee regulation bill

Another burning issue in Delhi is Fee Regulation Bill. This bill was introduced by the HRD minister in the Delhi government office and told that, it is daunting for the middle class people to afford private school education, so to elude such consequences we have proposed this bill. The intention of the bill is to maintain regulation and accountability. As per the bill, the government forms a committed and visit the private school to cross check all their accounts. If any school found to be charging exorbitant fees, then the committee will make sure that the aspirant gets back the extra fee he paid and revamps the school fee structure. During the committee visit to the school, the school management is required to submit their financial returns along with the fee structure. If any school fails to submit their returns will be incarcerated. Many renowned lawyers said that, this bill is of no use and do not address any issue of exorbitant fee hike.

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