ANM full form [Salary, Pay Scale, Allowance]

ANM full form Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery [Salary, Pay Scale, Incentive, Allowance, Vacancy, Recruitment Eligibility] Course Duration and Fees

What are ANM workers?

The Indian medical structure can be categorized under two heads – urban medical system and rural medical system. There are no extra points for guessing that medical facilities in villages are not advanced enough. People living in these areas depend on Primary Health Care centers. Each Primary Health Care center monitors six sub-health care centers. The medical care providers, which work in these sub-centers, are known as Auxiliary nurse-midwife. These nurses are also called ANM workers. They offer the first line of medical care. They perform this task at grass-root levels.

ANM Salary

1 ANM full form Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery
2 Salary Rs. 10,000 or Rs, 15,000.
3 Qualification 12th standard
4 Age 17 to 35yr
5 Only For Female
6 Course Duration 18 Months
7 Fees Rs. 10000

What is the salary package of ANM workers?

The salary of the ANM workers may vary from one state to another. The respective state governments may increase the salary and incentives from time to time. The monthly salary of the ANM workers starts from Rs. 10,000 or Rs, 15,000. Apart from this, they also receive incentives, depending on the number of patients they attend to.

What is the eligibility to pursue this career?

  1. Qualification – All applicants must have successfully passed their 12th Students of both science and arts streams will be able to submit their applications.
  2. Age – The age of applicants must not be more than 35 years. The lower limit for successful application is 17 years.
  3. Written examination – All interested applicants will have to fill in the enrollment form and then sit for a written examination. Only those applicants who manage to pass this test with a minimum 40% score will be able to enroll in the training program.
  4. Only women – The Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery post is open for female candidates only.

Where to attain training to become an ANM worker?

If any person is interested in becoming an ANM worker, then she needs to opt for proper training. Both private and government nursing schools offer required training to qualifying candidates.

What is the duration of the course?

The Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery training courses last for at least 18 months. In case an applicant desires to opt for advanced courses, then she will have to devote more time to this course.

What is the fee of the nursing training course?

The nursing institutes, which offer professional training to interested candidates charge around Rs. 10000 as the course fee. This course fee is more in private medical training institutes.

What is the role of ANM workers?

  1. Tending to the medical needs of the patients – The main responsibility of the ANM workers is to offer medical support to the patients. When any patient comes to the medical sub-centers, the ANM workers detect their needs and refer to the doctors accordingly.
  2. Communication – It is also the duty of these nurses to act as a bridge between the patient, doctors, and patient parties. They are the main channels of communication between these separate parties.
  3. Monitoring patient condition – When a patient takes admission to the medical centers, the ANM workers monitor their condition. Whether the patients’ condition is developing or worsening, they will offer the information to the doctors.
  4. Administer medicines on time – The ANM workers administer medicines, as prescribed by the doctors, on time. They also administer injections and ensure that life-support machines are performing properly.
  5. Set-up equipment – If doctors need to operate on any patient, the ANM workers will set up the instruments in the operation theatre. Prepping the OT is an important task, and must be done by experienced nurses.
  6. Solve minor medical issues – If any patient comes to the medical center with minor medical issues, these nurses will offer primary medical treatment.
  7. Ensure follow-up treatment – The ANM workers also offer tips and advice patients to come for follow-up checkups. It is their duty to maintain patient’s records.
  8. The health of pregnant women and children – As these nurses also take an active part in the institutional delivery of children, the ANM workers must ensure that all pregnant women and children are at the top of their health.

State with highest ANM workers

The percentage of ANM workers is not the same in all Indian states. These health care workers work mainly in villages and backward areas. So, a state with a more rural population will have a greater concentration of these auxiliary nurse-midwives. According to the central survey, done in 2015, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka Assam, and Tamil Nadu are the top ten states, which have revamped their medical structure.

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