7th Pay Commission For Assistant Professors Pay Scale

7th Pay Commission For Assistant Professors Pay Scale

Recently, government released pay scale report for both civil and defense employees. Pay scale of almost every position has been revised and hiked with certain percentage while analyzing the recently released 7th Pay commission pay scale report. Among several post, Assistant Professors pay scale has been hiked notably.

  • Histories of Assistant Professors pay Scale

After a long wait government announced pay scale revision of assistant professors of universities and colleges in 2010 with effects from 2006. Under 6th Pay Commission pay scale effect Assistant professors received pay band of Rs. 15,600 – 39100 along with pay grade of Rs. 6,600.

In that announcement, it is mentioned as central government will handle those 80 % of financial requirement and about 20 % must be handled by the respective state government for the time period of Jan 2006 to march 2010. Meanwhile, from the April 2010 entire financial needs are advised to manage the entire required finance for tackling hiked pay scale.

  • Benefits Attained from Previous Pay Commission

  • Apart from pay hike from 6th pay commission pay scale revision, the state government of India implements the guidelines by increasing the age limitation from 62 years to 65 years for superannuation of teachers.
  • Also Lectures and Readers will be eligible to receive promotion to professors under the scheme of Career Advancement
  • Annual Increments are implemented by 3% of the basic salary which includes both basic pay and grade pay for assistant professors.
  • After completing two years, assistant professors are eligible to receive 4% annual increment of their pay band on basis of their research practice and good teaching.
  • What is expected in 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale for Assistant Professors?

When compared with previous pay commission pay band, it is expected several benefits from upcoming 7t pay scale commission pay band apart from pay hike. It is believed that upcoming 7th pay commission pay scales are carried out under new pay matrix system instead of calculating Pay Band and Grade Pay System

The newly proposed pay matrix system has 18 horizontal levels which determine the pay fixation on basis of promotion or Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP). The major expectation in 7th pay commission is the recommend Allowances of HRA and Transport.

Below listed Table brings you the details report of Assistant Professors Pay Band of Upcoming 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale.

Specifications Existing 6th Pay Commission Pay Band Upcoming 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale
Pay Scale As per the 6th pay commission pay scale of Assistant Professors is Rs. 15,600 – Rs. 39100 along with the Grade pay of Rs. 6600 According to announcement of 7th Commission details the expected pay scale of Assistant Professors is Rs. 46,800 – Rs. 1,17,300 along with the Grade pay of Rs. 19800
Entry Pay Entry Pay as per 6th commission pay scale is Rs.25,530 Entry Pay of upcoming 7th commission pay band would be Rs.25,530
  • Allowances in 7th Pay Commission Pay Band

According to recently released stats on 7th commission report, it is noted as HRA has be hiked based on the cities with percentage of 24%, 16%, 8% respectively only if DA of the employee crosses 50% and 100%. Apart from the there is no change in Transport allowance.

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  1. I am a post graduate student and I want to do leturership in engineering college in next year. so what is the criteria for qualifying for that post according to 7th pay and salary deatails?

  2. In 6th pay lecturers and readers were eligible to recieve promotion to professor under scheme of career advancement
    Is the same rule applicable in 7 th pay comission

  3. Myself working as Asst. Professor in AICTE approved private Engineering College enjoying Band pay 15600/- 39000/-& Academic Grade pay 6000/- Pl let me inform the new pay scale as per 7th. pay Commission accepted by Central Govt.

    Further if any instruction have been issued by AICTE to introduce the new revised pay scale to Asst. Professor working at private Engg. college approved by AICTE.

    Ayana Ghosh

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