Pay commission award not to be implemented before OROP

Pay commission award not to be implemented before OROP

The sources from the Finance Ministry, Government of India, have revealed that it has no plans to start the new 7th pay commission, before the proposed apply of One Rank One Pension (OROP). They have stated that their first priority is to deliver the OROP plan and after that will move on to the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission. The OROP is a burning issue of the nation and it needs to be addressed first.

Pay commission award not to be implemented before OROP

The issue of OROP notification

The first notification regarding the new OROP came along with the declaration of the new pay commission, in November 2015. That was the time when there was a huge protest going on for the implementation of similar pension slabs for the retired defense personals, those whore have retired years ago and those who are retiring currently. The defense veterans protested some discrepancies in their pension system and pushed for same pension for same ranks. They staged hunger strikes, rallies and dharnas throughout the country. There were also instances of returning awards and gallantries by the defense veterans.

What the new 7Th pay commission have to offer?

According to the proposed 7th pay commission, the minimum salary of a central government employee will be Rs. 18,000 where as the highest salary package will be Rs. 25 lakh per month. Nearly 23.55 % of salary hike is expected after it gets implemented. The pensions of the retired central govt. employees will also get hiked by a sharp 24 %. The health insurance policies will be renewed. The gratuity after death is proposed to be doubled. For the defense personals, the differences between the pensions of past retired and currently retired defense personals will be removed and parity will be brought.

7th pay commission on the OROP issue

The Govt. is dedicated to address the OROP issue first, before staring any implementation of the new pay commission. As per the plan, the salaries and other allowances will be restructured for those who serve in the defense services. There is a proposal to hike the Military Service Pay and the Siachen allowance. The gratuity after death will also be doubled and more health benefits is supposed to be provided. The policy of the Short Service Commission in the defense force is also reorganized.

Projected pension slabs of different ranks in Defense services in the new OROP of the 7th pay commission:

Rank Lieutenant Captain Major Lt. Colonel Colonel Brigadier Maj. General Lt. Gen (HAG) Vice Chief Of Army Staff (VCOAS) Chief Of Army Staff (COAS)
Normal pension (IN Rs.) 15,036 15,380 19,977 20,859 23,319 23,421 24,900 25,000 26,400 28,800
In case of 100 % disability (in Rs.) 13,036 Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do

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