Benefits to Pensioners, Pension Arrears Fixation Calculator For Central Govt. Employee, Family, Ex Serviceman In 7th pay commission

Benefits to Pensioners, Pension Arrears Fixation Calculator For Central Govt. Employee, Family, Ex Serviceman  In 7th pay commission

There are more than 52 lakh pension holders who were employed in several departments of the central government, defence and paramilitary units and other public bodies, will be benefited with this new pay commission. They will have hiked pensions after the implementation of the 7th pay commission, along with several other benefits. The pensioners will get fixed monthly medical benefits of Rs. 500 in form of medical allowance. They will also get life insurance benefits where the 50 % premium will be paid by the Govt. and rest by pensioner.

Benefits to Pensioners, Pension arrears fixation calculator In 7th pay commission

  • 7th pay commission pension for central government pensioners

The pensioners of the central govt. are currently drawing their pensions as per the rules of the existing pay commission i.e. the 6th pay commission. But the pension structures of the central govt. pensioners will be revived soon. The announced date of implementation of the 7th pay commission was 1st Jan, 2016. There might be two options of choosing the pension amount. One could be by multiplying the fitment factor with the current pension. The fitment factor for 7th pay commission is expected to be 2.57 per cent. Another option is by fixation of pay band in the recommended pay matrix of the 7th pay commission. After fixation, the basic pension will be added to the yearly increment and then 50 per cent will be calculated of the total amount. This might be another option of pension for central govt. employees.

  • 7th pay commission pension calculator

A pension calculator has been set to calculate the pension structures of the employees of the central govt. after the implementation of the 7th pay commission. Fixation of the grade pay and the basics of the retired employees will be done at first according to the new levels of pay matrix of the 7th pay commission. After that, this amount will be added to the number of annual increments which was earned while in service. The total amount will be then halved to get the required pension. Another option to calculate pension will be the pension amount which the pensioner is getting currently will be multiplied by 2.57 and the result will be the new pension. The pensioners will be able to choose the pension amount which is higher.

  • 7th pay commission pension arrears calculator

As the 7th pay commission has not given any gazette notice on the calculations of the arrears for the pensioners as well as the working employees, so no such firm calculator is still available. But approximate calculations of the pension arrears can be calculated as of now with the help of arrear calculator. When the 6th pay commission was introduced, the Govt. had paid the arrears to the employees and pensioners after a long 32 month gap. But the TA and HRA allowances were not given for this 32 month period. But in this 7th pay commission, the Govt. has included 19 cities as high TPTA cities where the transport allowances will be provided at higher rates. In the arrear calculator, the pensioner must put the basic pension and select the grade pay which will be adjusted as per the 7th CPC pay matrix. Then the TA and the HRA amounts will be entered. The pension arrear will depend on whether the pensioner resides in a higher TPTA city or city belonging to other places.

  • 7th pay commission pension fixation

The rule for fixation of pension will be little different from the fixation technique of the pay bands of the working employees. The existing basic along with the grade pay of the pension currently running will be added with the number of increments the pensioner has eared before retiring. The rate of annual increment is kept 3 per cent and is not changed. Then the result will be compared to the levels of the pay matrix recommended by the 7th pay commission. The nearest pay level after comparison will be selected as the new pay level. Then 50 per cent of the end result will be the fixed pension of the pensioner.

  • 7th pay commission pension for ex servicemen

The provisions of the pensions for the ex servicemen or the retired employees of the defence units and paramilitary forces like CISF, CRPF, SSB, etc. are little different than the general govt. employees. The pensioners were divided into two categories. One will be those who have retired within the year of 1989. And another who have retired prior to 1st January, 2016. They will have two ways of calculation of pensions. One can be by fixing their current pension band with the new 7th CPC matrix and then adding it by the total amount of annual increments before retirement. Then the sum will be halved and considered as one option of pension amount. Another option will be multiplying the current pension with 2.57 and getting the result. The ex service pensioners may choose the higher amount of pension.

  • 7th pay commission family pension

Family pension is the pension amount which the family of the govt. employee draws after his / her death. This pension is given only to the dependable family members of the expired govt. employee. 50 % of the pension amount will be received as family pension after the death of the govt. servant along with dearness relief of 120 %. The family pensioners may also get 40 % in form of fitment benefit.

Some important data on the 7th CPC pension benefits:

Sl. No. Attributes Related data
1 Total no. of pensioners 52 lakh approx
2 Fitment factor for pension revision 2.57
3 Date of implementation of 7th CPC 1st Jan, 2016
4 Annual increment of salary and pensions 3 %

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  1. I am ex petty officer from Indian Navy , release from naval service on 31 July 2001 from Y group ,

    need to know how much amount towards arrear of 7th py commission.

  2. the pension of a ex serviceman is required to be fixed at the ratio of 2.57 percent of basic pension as per the recommendation of 7th pay commission has not been given. It is a request to you please intimate the rate of pension calculated as per which rate. I was drawing total pension Rs. 22568/- and now as per 7th CPC my pension fixed to Rs. 27282/- which is not 2.57 percent of my basic pension which is Rs. 11970/- per month. please elucidate.

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