7th Pay commission BJP to betray

According to the opposition party, the 7th Pay commission is just an initiative by BJP to betray and befool millions of central government employees. According to congress party the 7th Commission is just a bluff that the government has done with all the government employees. This Pay commission has affected all Central government employees, retired and even railway employees.

The number of these employees is above 2 crores. According to them the dearness allowance (DA) is not included as well with the Basic salary while computation of the hike, hence the actual increase is merely 14.29%. Mr. Ajay Maken opposed the ruling party, to include the DA as well while computation of the new pay. “Does this mean that there would be no increment in the transport allowance with inflation?” he cited. Moreover, the 6th Pay commission was linked with the DA.

He also claimed that the financial gap between the high paid and low paid employees is broadening now. This will generate more disparity which is presently 1:14 whereas after the amendment of the new commission it will rise more and was supposed to be 1:8.The consistent rate which was maintained during the rule of the Congress party was 1:12.

Another recommendation that was implemented during the 6th Pay commission was that every employee would get two additional increments and promotions, but in the 7th pay commission this has been discontinued and shall not be practiced further.

Moreover, in the 6th Pay commission the percentage based allowance like HRA was derived by multiples of 2, whereas now it is lowered to multiple of 0.8. Other benefits that the central government employees also cherished were the non- interest allowances, which were paid during the festivals. These have also been discontinued by the new Pay commission. Besides this there were 52 more allowances that were also granted to the employees and have been terminated as well. The amount of money for insurance has also been increased and would be deducted for the employees ‘salaries.

As a result of this the pay structure has become very demotivating for others to join the government services. According to Mr. Maken there should be a hike of 40% in the pay scale of all the government employees from various cadres and categories.

The existing Central Government employee disapprove of the 7th Pay commission and are very disappointed as their benefits have been suppressed and this leaves them in a miserable state. The low paid employees are still in the worst affects and the top level employees are cherishing.

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