Shocking protest by Taxmen Unions though observing “black day” against 7th pay commission

Shocking protest by Taxmen Unions though observing “black day” against 7th pay commission

To protest against the “retrograde recommendations”, it was decided by the Tax employees throughout the country, November 27th shall be a “Black day”. The reason of protest is very less increment in the salary of the employees after the 7th pay commission. It cannot be denied that the employees of higher grades have been attaining different governmental benefits while the lower paid employees were offered with festival advances and a child care benefits. In such circumstances, such negligible increment in the salary of the employees triggered the disappointment that led to this massive protest.

Reason of disappointment

According to the reports, it can be said that there is definitely a valid reason for the disappointment of the Income tax employees. Because, considering the present economic condition of the market, the employees expected a minimum increment amount of Rs 26000, but according to the present pay commission, the increment amount shall be only Rs 18000.

Negligible increment

It must be remembered that the there are already certain deductions for the central government salaries, for instance the Insurance schemes and towards the contribution for new Pension Scheme. These contributions affect the take home salary for the employees and thus, the increment seems to really negligible from the employees perspective. We cannot deny there is hardly any increase in the salaries of the Income Tax employees and in some situations; the take home salary shall become much less than what it is even today.

Unequal distribution of increment

On the contrary, another major reason of disappointment for the employees we should know about is, a huge amount of rise is being offered to the group A officers. Also, the festival allowances, advances, which were really necessary for the low paid employees have been scrapped out. This is solely unjustified for the Income tax employees. There have been different changes for the child care leave. Under such circumstances, it is not at all unjustified that the low paid employees shall protest the 7th pay commission’s “retrograde recommendations”. If the pay grade is increased, it must be done equally for both the Grade A officers and also the lower division staffs at a certain ratio. Considering the reduction of festival advances and benefits, it needs to be reduced from the salaries of high paid officers instead of scrapping the benefits of lower paid staffs.

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  1. I have been working since last 6 years and 4 months in the pay scale of 9300-34800 + Grade Pay Rs. 4600/- .
    Currently my pay is 16620 (Pay 12020 + GP Rs. 4600)
    After multiplying with 16,620 X 2.62 = Rs. 43,544/- my new basic pay is 43544.

    As per the recommended Pay Matrix table my new basic pay will Rs. 44900/- which is proposed to be given to a new entrant 17140 X 2.62 = 44900). When my new pay is equal to the new entrants, where is the difference pay for my 6 years seniority??

    Please help me in this issue.

    It appears that there is a problem in Pay Matrix table.


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