Congress warns government on pay commission report

Congress warns government on pay commission report

The 7th pay scale that is about to be implemented from 1st Jan, 2015 has a hot social and political topic. The citizens are worried about the inflation that will follow the pay hike. Landlords in Delhi have decided to increase the rents on the same day. And the politicians are having an argument over how helpful the hike really is. According to the recommendations of the pay commission, the salaries will be raised by 23% on average. While the salary of cabinet secretary will be raised from Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 2.25 lakh, for a low level employee it will go from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 18,000 only. The Congress leaders in Delhi are saying that this is not fare for the medium and law scale employees.

It is no secret that a government job is never the first choice of a student who belongs to the creamy layer. The low pay, slow growth and other bad policies keep the best brains of the country away from these jobs. This is one of the main reasons for the lack of planning in the government projects. According to the Congress leaders, the 7th pay scale will make the already bad situation worse. The minimal hike at the entry level jobs will keep the intelligent youths from applying for govt jobs. The Congress party is thus standing firmly against the center government for the rights of medium and low scale employees.

Another hot topic in Delhi is the Jan Lokpal bill that is about to be presented in the Assembly. The bill has already been passed by the cabinet and will be tabled soon. Congress party has strongly said that it wants an effective Lokpal Bill and not the dilution presented by AAP the last time. It is also in favor of adding the departments controlled by the center, like DDA and Delhi police, under the bill. However, the party is holding back any official comments until the bill is tabled and properly discussed in the Assembly.

AAP came into power with the promise of ending corruption in Delhi. The main step this government is going to take for that purpose is bringing the Lokpal into action. While the part promised an immediate implementation of this bill, it has already wasted 10 months in presenting it in the Assembly. But this will still not be held against them is the bill is implemented properly.

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