Eastern Coast Railway Engineers Association (ECoREA) unhappy with new 7th Pay Commission:

Eastern Coast Railway Engineers Association (ECoREA) unhappy with new 7th Pay Commission:

The Seventh Pay Commission was structured and announced in Nov 2015. It decided to increase the salary of al the central govt. employees by 23.55%. Other govt. allowances along with the salary will also be hiked. All retired central govt. employees will get their pension hiked by 24 %. This new pay commission will cost near about approx. Rs. 1.02 lakh crore in the next budget year of 2016 – 2017. However the annual increment will remain the same as before that is 3 % of the basic salary.

The minimum pay of a central govt. employee is supposed to be Rs. 18,000 as per the new pay structure whereas the highest pay will be nearly Rs. 2.5 lakh for the ranks of Cabinet Secretary and equal ranks. After much debated and controversial One Rank One Pension demand by retired defense personals, it was came to conclusion that parity between the pension of currently retiring and past retired defense personals will be made.

But the East Coast Railway Engineers Association ( ECoREA) are totally unhappy with the new Seventh Pay Commission. According to ECoREA president Shree Bobin Mohanty, this new pay structure will give full profit to the high ranked officers. The lower ranked staffs and middle Group B staffs will not be equally benefited by this new pay structure. He mentioned that the Grade Pay of pharmacists with diploma will be increased from 2800 to 4600, which is at par with Senior Section Engineer, who has an educational qualification of Bachelor of Engineering. The matter of argument was that the high ranked employees will be getting a very good improvised pay. It is to be noted that these high ranked officers are running the administration only from their luxury offices.

They do not have direct involvement in running of trains and other daily rail services.  But those low level employees like Group B, Group C and Group D employees who have direct connection with the movement of trains and other railway services will get suffered. By this the Bullet Train project may get hampered.

The association is thinking of having a strike on the first week of December. The Engineers’ Association has hinted boycott for the new Seventh Pay Commission. The Engineers association has ridiculed the pay structured as they believe that the dream of Digital India will never happen if engineers and technical labours are avoided.

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