Gov Engineer Staff Pay Scale Pay Matrix Salary Slip Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission

Gov Engineer Staff Pay Scale Matrix Salary Slip Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission

Government organisations need a bunch of engineers in almost every sector. Institutions, railways, heavy engineering units and other organisations, under which, the engineers work in different categories and designations. The pay scale of a Gov Engineer is as high as any other senior section government officers. It is obvious that the engineers working under several government organisations also get a good allowances and perks depending upon their designation and performance. Like other government staff, the engineers also get increments in their services by 3% each time. Here in this following article the pay scale of the engineers under government organisation will be discussed.

Gov Engineer Staff Pay Scale Matrix Salary Slip Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission

Gov Engineer & its Staff Pay Scale

The engineers fall under different pay bands in any organisations. Junior level engineers such as section engineers and such receive pay scale of Rs. 4600/- per month at their entry level. They fall under pay band 1. On the other, the senior level engineers such as superintendant engineers and so on fall under the pay band 3. They draw basic pay scale of Rs. 15, 600/- per month at the entry level.

The pay scale of the super scale engineers such as Deputy Engineer and such are higher than others. They receive the pay of Rs. 37400/- per month at the entry level as they fall under the pay band 4.

Gov Engineer & its staff Salary

The basic salary of the engineering staff depends on the designation or post he/she is holding. The basic salary of a junior level engineer starts from Rs. 4600/- per month at entry level. The mentioned salary is for all the departments such as mechanical, electrical, civil and like that. The mentioned figure is the salary of the junior section engineer from Railways department.

The salary of a super scale engineer starts from Rs. 37400/- and can go up to Rs. 67, 000/- per month. The deputy engineering staff’s salary is fixed at Rs. 80, 000/- per month. They don’t receive any grade pay.

Gov Engineer & its staff Grade Pay And Pay Scale

The grade pay like other government staff starts from Rs. 1800/- per month from the Pay Band 1 staffs and can go up to Rs. 10, 500/- per month for the employees under pay band 4. The Grade pays for the engineering staff under government organisation are:

Pay Band Grade Pay (per month) Pay Scale (per month)
1 Rs. 1800/- – Rs. 2800/- Rs. 5200/- – Rs. 20200/-
2 Rs. 4200/- – Rs. 5400/- Rs. 9300/- – Rs. 34800/-
3 Rs. 5400/- – Rs. 8000/- Rs. 15600/- – Rs. 39100/-
4 Rs. 9500/- – Rs. 10500/- Rs. 37400/- – Rs. 67000/-

Gov Engineer Department and Designation with Pay Band

Engineer Pay Band
Director NA
Chief IV
Superintendant II
System Engineer Gr. 1 III
Executive III
Engineer, Software III
Senior Assistant II
Section Engineer (Railways) II
Assistant II
Junior Assistant I

Allowance for Gov Engineer & its staff

  • Dearness Allowances: the dearness allowances are being paid to the engineers at a same rate at 113% of the basic pay. The Dearness allowances will be same in case of pensioners and family pensioners.
  • House Rent Allowances: the HRA is also paid to the staffs that fall under any pay band. The amount depends on the basic pay scale. The rate of HRA is calculated on the basis of the basic current salary.
  • City Compensatory Allowance: the CCA is also allotted to some of the engineers. This CCA is provided to the employees whose offices are located in semi-urban areas.
  • Special allowances: special allowance is not for everyone. It is been paid to the senior level engineers working under any government organisation.
  • Medical Benefits: medical benefits are other basic allowances that an engineer can receive on monthly basis. The amount of the benefit depends on the basic salary of the employee.
  • Pension: after retirement the staffs will be able to receive the pension and gratuity. The dearness allowances and medical benefits will also be same as before for the pensioners.
  • Other benefits: the allowances such as transport, education, travel, phone, electricity and such allowances are subjective. Depending on various senior levels all these allowances are paid.

Gov Engineer & Its Staff Pay Scale & Other facility under 7th Pay Commission

  • The dearness allowances is been hiked from 113% to 125% for all the engineers working under government sector. The other benefits and allowances have also increased after 7th
  • As a whole the salary of the employees increased by 23.56% as per the 7th CPC report. The entry level salary along with grade pay is now higher by more than 23% for the junior, senior and other engineers.

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