The equalizing of the Central government Employees with the IAS officers.

The equalizing of the Central government Employees with the IAS officers.

The 7th Central Pay commission would submit the final finance report by November 20 to the finance ministry and the same would be operative from January1, 2016. The 7th CPC would be in the benefit of 48 lakh central government employees and 54 lakh pensioners as there would be an increment of 15% on an average in their pay scale. There is a 900 pages report that would be submitted to the finance department. The panel was formed in February 2014 and since then they have worked and made the final report in 22 months. They were supposed to submit the report in August initially, but they were given more time for doing the same and hence the final draft could be submitted by the panel till December. This report would have suggestions about equality of the 36 Group A services officers with the IAS officers in terms of pay scale and benefits. The IAS have been in a dominating position and are there on the top positions of the Central government as well.

The equalizing of the Central government Employees with the IAS officers

The report would talk about the policies changed according to which the payable components and benefits for the central staff would be revised. Moreover there would also be recommendations about improving service conditions of the central government employees.  Henceforth, there would be an impact on public sector employees and central autonomous bodies which are involved in making corrections in accordance with the hikes that are granted to the central government staff. Before the finalization of the report there were many petitions that were made to the commission and there was a lot of lobbying around the agenda.

Moreover, there were also dissention letters that the IAS officers had sent to the personnel and training and the cabinet secretariat and demanded that there dominant positioned should be retained.

The Group A services staff also demanded the change of the personnel in the Civil Services Board which has the responsibility of staffing for the central government.  The IAS officers constitute the Civil Central board and there are no other representatives from any other government body. The pay panel might level the salary structure of the Group A services officers.

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