ICAR Revised Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance Perks After 7th Pay Commission

ICAR Revised Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance Perks After 7th Pay Commission

Indian Counsel of Agricultural Research popularly known as ICAR recently has revised the pay scale of the scientists and researchers after the 7th central pay commission report was published. There are a number of scientists and researchers are there in ICAR. As per the 7th CPC report the pay scale has increased for all the scientists in ICAR. There is an issue with ICAR that is there are only three designations for the scientists namely scientists, senior scientists and principal scientists. The pay scale is almost same for all the scientists irrespective of the responsibility and research they have. Same can be mentioned for the other two designations as well. Here we have a brief picture of revised pay scale of ICAR scientists.

ICAR revised pay scale after 7th Pay Commission

Before the 7th Pay commission the entry level pay scale of the scientists in ICAR was Rs. 8000/- per month excluding grade pay. The pay scale has increased to Rs. 15,600/- per month excluding grade pay for the entry level scientists. On the other the highest pay scale for the highest staff i.e. Director of the ICAR was Rs. 75, 000/- per month that has revised to Rs. 90, 000/- per month.

After 7th CPC the grade pay becomes Research Grade Pay and it didn’t change. The amount of grade pay is still the same. The junior scientists are still drawing RGP of Rs. 5400/- per month and the senior scientists are receiving up to Rs. 9000/- per month as RGP. The principal scientists are getting RGP of Rs. 10, 000/- per month.

ICAR staff pay scale

Sl. No. Staff Pay Scale Research Grade Pay
1 Director Rs. 90, 000/-
2 Principal Scientists Rs. 37, 400/- – Rs. 67,000/- Rs. 10, 000/-
3 Senior Scientists Rs. 37, 400/- – Rs. 67, 000/- Rs. 8000/- – Rs. 9000/-
4 Scientists Rs. 15, 600/- – Rs. 39, 100/- Rs. 5400/- – Rs. 7000

ICAR facility and allowances under 7th pay commission

  • For the researchers in ICAR the stipend will be Rs. 16,000/- for 1st two years and Rs. 18,000/- for last year instead of Rs. 12,000/- for 1st two years and Rs. 14,000/- for last year. This is for the post graduate senior research fellow in any area excluding veterinary.
  • For the research associates, post graduates will get Rs. 23,000/- instead of Rs. 17,000/- and Rs. 24,000/- instead of Rs. 18,000/-.
  • Travel Allowances: After 7th CPC it has been declared that all the members including the staffs will get an extension in travel allowances. Members and the staffs of ICAR will be given AC II-tier tickets for travelling. The other travel benefits will be same as before.

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