ITBP Pay Scale | ITBP Grade Pay | ITBP Salary | ITBP Allowance Perks After 7th Pay Commission

Indo Tibetan Border Police Force ITBP Pay Scale | ITBP Grade Pay | ITBP Salary | ITBP Allowance Perks After 7th Pay Commission 

Indo Tibetan Border Police Force or ITBP was founded on 1962. ITBP is entitled to border guarding responsibilities. ITBP covers about 3488 km of Indo-China borders. ITBP was the first responder to the natural disaster in Himalaya. ITBP has been carrying out relief and rescue operations since then. It is basically a dedicated mountain force and most of the officers are mountaineers or skiers.

ITBP Pay Scale Grade Salary Allowance Perks

  • ITBP Pay Scale

ITBP has a pay structure of its own for the employees of ITBP. The highest designation in ITBP is Director General and he also earns the highest amount of money from the force. The salary of a director general is fixed and he gets about Rs. 80, 000 for his contribution. Constable is the lowest designation in ITBP and a constable gets about Rs. 8, 460 for his contribution to the force. The salary of the employees of ITBP differs as per their designation and contribution. ITBP follows CPC for pay revision.

  • ITBP Grade Pay and Pay Scale according to designation

Apart from their basic payment, the ITBP employees also receive grade payment. Grade pay depends on the post/designation of the employee. Grade pay is actually used to calculate dearness allowance. Grade pay is actually based on the rank of the employees and thus it differs from one individual to another. The concept of grade pay was first introduced in the 6th CPC and it has been followed by ITBP since then.

The pay scale of ITBP also varies according to the designation of the employees of ITBP.

Here is a table mentioned below to showcase the pay structure of ITBP according to designation and the grade pay for the employees of different designation in ITBP.

Designation Pay Scale Basic Pay Grade Pay Total Pay
Director General Apex Scale 80, 000 Nil 80, 000
Additional Director General PB-4 (67, 000 -79, 000) Nil Nil 59, 100
Inspector General PB-4 (37, 4000 -67, 000) 43, 000 10, 000 53, 000
Deputy Inspector General PB-4 (37, 4000 -67, 000) 40,200 8, 900 49,100
Commandant PB-4 (37, 4000 -67, 000) 37, 400 8, 700 46, 100
Second-In-Command PB-3 (15, 600 -39, 100) 21, 900 7, 600 29, 500
Deputy Commandant PB-3 (15, 600 -39, 100) 18, 750 6, 600 25, 350
Assistant Commandant PB-3 (15, 600 -39, 100) 15, 600 5, 400 21, 000
Subedar Major PB-2 (9, 300- 34, 800) 13, 350 4, 800 18, 150
Inspector PB-2 (9, 300- 34, 800) 12 540 4, 600 17, 140
Sub-Inspector PB-2 (9, 300- 34, 800) 9, 300 4, 200 13, 500
Assistant Sub Inspector PB-1 (5, 200- 20, 200) 8, 560 2, 800 11, 360
Head Constable PB-1 (5, 200- 20, 200) 7, 510 2, 400 9,910
Constable PB-1 (5, 200- 20, 200) 6, 460 2, 000 8, 460

From the table, we can see that the pay rate gets higher according to designation. Grade pay is provided to the certain employees of ITBP. The basic pay for the director general is fixed. The additional director general and the director general do not get grade pay.

  • ITBP Pay Slip

 ITBP has an official website of its own. The ITBP force has developed online software platform for the employees so they can get their pay slip or salary information on time sitting at home. For getting the pay slip online, the ITBP employees will have to go to the official website of ITBP and select Himveer which is the required software to avail the pay slip. Then they will have to login with their username and password which will provided to them by their department.

  • ITBP Allowance

ITBP personnel will be awarded with high altitude allowance by the government because of the hardship they face in their duty. This allowance will differ as per post/designation of the officers. This allowance is sanctioned by the government in 43 border outposts. The government has promised that the existing practice where the officers are posted in the outposts where they have to stay for 6 months at heights up to 18, 000 feet will be changed. The government has ensured officers will not have to be in one of those outposts for more than three months.

  • ITBP Perks

ITBP provides admissibility, quantum, commutation, gratuity, ex-gratia payment, leave encashment services to the retired employees. The working employees get dearness allowance, city compensatory allowance and detachment allowances. ITBP also offers medical allowances, travel expense compensations and free ration services to the employees.

  • ITBP Facility under 7th Pay Commission

ITBP follows the CPC for pay revision of their employees. Under the 7th pay commission, ITBP employees will enjoy different facilities such as salary hike, change of retirement age and further facilities.

  • Salary Hike: The employees will see a salary hike as their basic pay and grade pay will increase.
  • Retirement Age: The retirement age of the employees has been changed to 60. It was 57 previously.
  • Further Facilities: The employees will receive more perks and allowances. They will get more money from the allowance system.

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