Karnataka Shikshakra Mitra App for Teachers

Karnataka Shikshakra Mitra App for Teachers 2020 (How to Download online, Benefits, Link)

The state government of Karnataka has launched an application that is meant for the teachers of the state. The app was launched on 28th August, 2020 and the name of the application is Shikshakra Mitra App. It will help the teachers to go to education department. A teacher has to do a lot of paper works and for that they need to pay a visit to the department. Now the teachers can download the app on their smart phone. As people are not out of danger of Covid-19 so everyone including the teachers should do their work through digital medium. While teachers are already regular on their online classes, the government decided to make their work a little easier through an app.

Karnataka Shikshakra Mitra App for Teachers

As per the government mandate in the light of the present situation, all the educational institutions of the country will remain shut until 30th September, 2020. The country is going through Unlock 4.0 and the students and teachers both have to wait until another government mandate to get back to normal classes. During the time of app launch Primary and Secondary Education Minister Suresh Kumar said that teachers have to do a lot of paper works regarding their service. But, due to most of the works are office-based so they had to visit the respective departments. With the launch of the app it will be done online that too with a smart phone.

While talking about JEE, NEET exams, the CM of Karnataka asserts that they will conduct the exam smoothly in the state by keeping the risk in mind. However, the final year exam for Karnataka State Law University is postponed until further notice.

Shikshakra Mitra App Launch details

Name of the app Shikshakra Mitra
Launched in Karnataka
Launched by Chief Minister of Karnataka B. S. Yediyurappa
Date of launch 28th August, 2020
Target people Teachers of Karnataka
Downloadable from Google Play Store

Key features of the Shikshakra Mitra app

  • Objective– Earlier the teachers had to visit the departments to get their paper works done, the app will let them do the work without stepping out of home.
  • Benefits of the app– With the help of the app, teachers can do the works related to job transfer, PF advances, applying for leaves, and also apply for loans.
  • Salary transfer– The app has a feature through which the teachers can transfer salary as well.

How to download the Shikshakra Mitra app?

  • Step 1– In order to download the app you need to go to the Google Play Store
  • Step 2- You need to type the name of the app on the search bar
  • Step 3- You will see that the app will appear, you need to click on download and then it will install in your mobile automatically.
  • Step 4– To start work on the app you need to register in the app by providing username and password.

As according to the government’s mandate the schools and colleges will remain shutting until 30th September, 2020, the online class will continue. In such scenarios it is very difficult for the teachers to go out for their essential paper works. So, coming up with an idea to launch an application for the teachers is pretty impressive. It will also reduce the risk of getting Covid-19 infected. The teachers can do almost all types of paper works on this smart phone app.


Q. What is Karnataka Shikshakra Mitra App?

Ans: The smart phone app will help the teachers to get done with important paper works.

Q. Who launched Teacher Mitra App?

Ans: Karnataka CM B.S Yediyurappa

Q. What is the launch date of Shikshakra Mitra App?

Ans: 28th August 2020

Q. From where can a teacher download this Shikshakara Mitra App?

Ans: Google Play Store

Q. What type of works teachers can do through Shikshakra Mitra App?

Ans: Application for loans, application for leaves and works related to transfers, depositing PF advances, etc.

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