Latest DoPT Orders For Central & State Govt. Employees

Latest DoPT Orders For Central & State Govt. Employees 

After 7th pay commission report that published recently, one can see some of the drastic changes in the pay scale of the government employees. Whether it is basic pay or grade pay or pension or allowances almost everything at every level seems to be revised under 7th pay commission. According to the latest reports of 7th Pay commission the DoPT orders for different sectors has changed as well. In this article I will focus on some of the sectors where DoPT orders have changed after 7th CPC.

Latest dopt orders

What is DoPT Order?

DoPT or Department of Personnel and Training is an authority or agency under central government that takes care of the recruitment, staff welfare, career development and training of the employees. This particular department is one of the most important departments as every employee’s fate is on this department’s hand.

The head of the DoPT is a secretary or the personnel. Under the Personnel, there are other assistants such as special secretaries, additional secretary, joint secretary and some other officials and other staffs.

These officials keep publishing orders regarding various recruitment policies, leave rules, career progression policies and such. These orders are called DoPT orders.

DoPT Order for Recruitment Rules

  • According to the latest DoPT orders under 7th Pay commission the recruitment should take place on regular basis to fill up the vacancies.
  • Those who are falling under the rule of UPSC or staff selection process employment procedure they will not be included in this recruitment process.
  • The employment details will be available in employment exchange (local or central).
  • Under the provision of employment exchange act, the advertisement of the job vacancies will be mandatorily publish in the Rozgar Samachar or Employment News under by information and broadcasting ministry department.
  • These advertisements will be published in office notice boards and also National Career Service portals.

DoPT for Service Book for Central Government Employee

The service book for the Central Government Employee will be modified, as recommended in the 7th pay commission. The authority has considered the DoPT to modify the service book for the Central Government Employee for the next financial year.

DoPT for Child Care Leave and Maternity Leave

Currently there are few orders for the CCL and Maternity leave. In 7th pay commission it has been proposed that few changes may need in CCL and maternity leave. The proposed changes are:

  • In case of surrogacy, the commissioned mother should be assigned maternity leave as well. It is important for her to be with the new born to get connected. If the surrogate and commissioned mother both work under government sectors then both should get leave for at least 180 days as maternity leave.
  • Children who are differently able need mother care the most. So it has been proposed that the upper age limit should not be set for these children regarding CCL. However the number of CCL will be same as 730 days.
  • CCL as a whole should be granted for 5 days.

DoPT Order in 7th Pay

Issues DoPT orders
Recruitment On regular basis to fill up the vacancies excluding UPSC process
Service book Modernisation
CCL/Maternity Leave 180 days for commissioned and surrogate mother, no upper limit for differently able children for CCL, CCL must be for 5 days

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