7th Pay Commission For Andhra Pradesh Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

7th Pay Commission For  Andhra Pradesh Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

7th central pay commission report was out back in January 2017. There were many ifs and buts were added with the report at the first place. However most of the states have accepted it and state government employees got good pay hike as per the report. After Karnataka, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh now it is time for Andhra Pradesh to implement the same in the state. Andhra Pradesh government has decided to implement the 7th pay commission across the state. The employees, who are working in state government sectors, will get pay hike.

Latest News 7th Pay In Andhra Pradesh

One of the many reports says that before central published the 7th pay commission report, the Andhra Pradesh state government already raised the salary of many employees by 10-20%. According to the final CPC report the salary will be raised by 23.56% for each employee.

Before 7th CPC report, AP was one of those states where demonetization affected in a negative way. Due to demonetization the salary was cut down to half for many employees. Back in November 2016, when the demonetization took place, many of the state employees didn’t get full salary. The reason behind is RBI was unable to disburse the full salary. After that the salary has been raised by 10-20% already before implementing the 7th CPC proposals.

Date of Implementation

As of now the Andhra Pradesh state government didn’t announce any official date of announcement. However the central is planning to implement the allowance and salary hike from the first day of coming financial year that is 1st April 2017. So the expected date of implementation of the same in Andhra Pradesh is April 1st 2017.

Panel / Committee for 7th pay Commission in AP

The state government has planned to form a panel or committee of ministers for implementation of the 7th Pay Commission. According to the CM the members of the panel will take care of the salary, pay scale, allowances and other perks revisions. They will also make sure the designations and retirements as well. Facilities for the pensioners after retirement will also be taken care of by the panel.

Budget Allocation for 7th Pay Commission of Andhra Pradesh

No budget has been announced yet for the implementation of 7th pay commission in Andhra Pradesh.

Revised Pay Scale, Salary, DA, Pension in 7th pay commission in AP

As mentioned before that state government employees in Andhra Pradesh have seen a lot of ups and down when it comes to salary. Since the demonetization happened the salary of many employees got decreased. As RBI could not bear the pay scale of so many people AP state government employees got adversely affected.

  • Once the hullabaloo of demonetization is over, employees got back to their original pay scale. In recent past, the salary of many state government employees has been raised by 10% to 20% before implementation of 7th Pay Commission. Now that the reports are out the expected salary hike, will 23.56% for all the employees.
  • The allowances will be raised too as per the central pay commission report. According to the 7th CPC dearness allowances will be raised more than the current percentage. On the other the pension and the facilities after retirement will also be revised.

Salary Calculator under 7th Pay Commission

According to the recommendation of the 7th central pay commission, employees calculate the salary for 7th CPC by multiplying 3.68 with their current salary. The fitment formula is being used to calculate the expected salary. However according to the report of 7th Central Pay Commission the multiplier will be 2.57 by fitment formula. Now the employees have to multiply their current salary by 2.57. Many salary calculators are available online. Anyone can get them to calculate their expected salary.

Other Benefits

Along with salary hike, other benefits like pension facilities, medical facilities, allowances and perks will also be revised after implementation of the 7th CPC in Andhra Pradesh.


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