7th Pay Commission Latest News Arunachal Pradesh Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

7th Pay Commission Latest News Arunachal Pradesh Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

The 7th Pay Commission is the much awaited pay hike among the government employees. The benefits that they expect to get for this will directly affect the fiscal budget. The center has already asked the state governments to implement the new pay hike under the 7th CPC. Let us see how Arunachal Pradesh is implementing this pay hike.

Latest News in Arunachal Pradesh

The Arunachal Pradesh government decided to give their employees a gift this new year. The Cabinet headed by Chief Minister Pema Khandu held a meeting to implement the 7th Pay Commission. 70499 regular state government employees and over 25,000 pensioners will be benefitted from this new implication. Last year it added a financial responsibility of Rs. 423 crores to the state. This amount was needed to implement the 7th CPC for 2016-17.

There will be a financial outflow of Rs. 3100 crore each year because of the 7th CPC implementation. Arunachal Pradesh might see a hike in its investments towards 7th CPC. These recommendations were made and approved by the state government. The government has also suggested three-year probation for the fresh recruits. During this period they were supposed to get 50 percent of the salary. But the Cabinet suggested that the fresh recruits get 100 percent salary during the probation period with three percent annual increment. The 7th CPC is already implemented in Arunachal Pradesh from 1st January 2016.

Revised Pay Scale/ Salary |DA | Pension | Arrears in Arunachal Pradesh

Under the revised pay scale, the arrears shall be paid this year. Those who have are in government jobs from 2016 or before shall get their arrears in May 2017. Those employees who wish to get their arrears deposited in their GPF can now finally do so. Their arrears would show up in their GPF account from 2016-17 onwards itself.

The arrears for October to March 31st would be paid in the current fiscal year itself. Only those, whose arrears are counted from January 2016, will be paid arrears in the next fiscal year. Also, the arrears will be paid in two installments – one in May and another in December 2017.

For pensioners, the first slab of pension is likely to be from 60 to 80 years of age. The second slab of pension is from 80 to the rest of the years. They will receive an additional 20 percent of their basic pay after attaining 80 years. The family of the deceased employees can now receive the full last drawn salary till the age of 57. Previously they received only a percentage of the salary. But now they can receive the full salary.

Directorate of accounts and treasuries Arunachal Pradesh

For those who are grade three central government employees, the state government proposed that they have a centralized recruitment with pay parity. This step can ease the transfer of funds from the directorates to the district administrations. These will ensure that the

Other Benefits

There is an acute shortage of teachers in Arunachal Pradesh. For courses like Mathematics and Science there are hardly any teachers in the state. Due to this reason the government has put forth certain rules. They have also taken a revolutionary step to relax the recruitment rules for these positions.

Apart from this the state government also announced that the recruitment criterion which was 90:10 earlier has now become 50:50 for the APST and non APST members. This can help get better teachers. Due to reservation often the merit was compromised but with this step put in place, now this cannot happen anymore.


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