7th Pay Commission in Bihar Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance |Hindi

7th Pay Commission in Bihar Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

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The Bihar state government has officially announced about the implementation of 7th Pay commission plan in the state. The cabinet has also stated that the pay commission plan would benefit 4.5 lakh employees who were enrolled in the government sector. Apart from this, it will also offer benefits to pensioners of the state government. CM Nitish Kumar (Bihar state) had made the announcement very much official in the cabinet meeting. After the submission of the report by the fitment committee, the pay commission shall implement the scheme for the employees.

Date of Implementation

The official announcement of implementing recommendations stated in 7th Pay Commission plan was made by the Bihar government in March 2016. According to the sources the decision was taken that the implementations will be effective from January 2017 for employees in government sector. This announcement was made by Nitish Kumar (Bihar state CM).

There were also confirmations from the sources that government has made it clear to implement 7th Pay commission plan as soon as the responsible committee submits its report to the cabinet.

Fitment committee report Bihar

The implementation of 7 CPC in Bihar would be effective for employees as the reports are submitted by the fitment committee. Bihar state government and Union cabinet formed a team of members to look into the matter for employees on 21st December. S S Kang was declared as the responsible person who shall be heading the committee for preparing the report.

The main responsibility of the committee was to prepare a complete report from the employees side and then to submit it in the union cabinet for implementation. It was also announced that the committee shall be submitting its report within a period of three months from its formation.

Revised Pay Scale / Salary / DA / Pension / Arrears

  • The 7th Pay commission will offer benefit to government employees (4.5 lakh) and pensioners (3.5 lakh) enrolled in the government sector. It was also stated that employees could expect increments in salaries by 24 percent the basic pay.
  • The fitment committee had also published its reports stating that that the employees would not be getting hike for transport allowances. Apart from this in another statement it was stated that employees would get a hike of 30 percent in HRA.
  • State employees are expected to get 125 percent increment in DA. This is on the basis of the recommendations made in the Pay commission plan.
  • In the recommendation the state government had also stated that all past arrears for employees shall be calculated from January 2017 onwards till current date. This means that for employees salary for past months shall be calculated according to the revised pay scale.

Salary Calculator Under 7th Pay Commission

New revised salary offered is equivalent to 24 percent of the basic drawn by the employee. This amount does not include 125 percent and 30 percent of DA and HRA. The government has stated that this is the fixed format for calculating the salary from employees working in the state government sector.

Budget Allocation for 7th Pay Commission

  • The total budget allocated for the revised salary by the state government and Finance ministry (Bihar state) is equivalent to 78,818.46 crore. The amount has been allocated for clearing the backlogs of the salary for employees.
  • It is also estimated that the budget 2017-18 has been calculated considering the arrears that the government has to pay for the revised salaries from January onwards. Officials have also stated that this amount is Rs 6,541.51 crore more than what the government had allocated for 2016-17 fiscal year for the employees.

Other Benefits

  • According to the 7 CPC, contractual teachers are also expected to get the benefit of revised salary. According to the recommendations in the Pay commission nearly 3.5 lakh teachers who are working on contract basis can get these benefits of revised salaries under the scheme.
  • Nitish Kumar (CM, Bihar) made a statement stating the benefit teachers working on contract for the state government shall also be offered with revised salaries.
  • This statement was made by the CM as there were a number of rumors and talks about teachers not being included for availing the benefits of the Pay commission plan. Apart from this, there were also rumors that the state government was not willing to promote contractual teachers under the government payroll for revised salaries.
  • It is also certain that other benefits that are mentioned in the 7 PC would be given to these teachers by the state government. The statement was made official in the cabinet meeting after the submission of the fitment report.

It is certain that the implementation of 7th Pay Commission plan for employees in Bihar state can add lots of smiles on the faces of employees.


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