7th pay commission Chandigarh Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Chandigarh Hindi

7th pay commission Chandigarh Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Chandigarh Hindi

Retired life at Chandigarh is going to be very much enthusiastic and energetic, especially with the 7th Pay Commission at the gate. Just go through the salient features of the commission – it will be helping you to get a hike of pension till 24%. So, that is a great news for the citizens of Chandigarh, especially the senior citizens. There are different things that are to be taken care in the total fact and that is related to the increase in the allowances, basic and even in the insurance or other facilities. So consider all the things and get a brief understanding about the same.

Latest News

Regarding the latest news of the 7th pay commission, the senior citizens of Chandigarh are having something to rejoice their time. Excellent facilities are going to support at least 25% of the population of Chandigarh. It is fact that the city is having a bigger portion of its population in the form of senior citizen. Finance minister declared that there will be an upgrade of the minimum pensions to the citizens and also declared that the hike in the pension is near to about 24%, which is as per the expectation of the citizens. Note down the key elements of the pay commission and get the detailed calculation of your increased payout, resulting from the 7th Pay commission.

Key features

There is some good news for all the government employees and pensioners regarding the seventh pay commission. Here are the list of the key elements that are going to assist all the retired persons of Chandigarh.

  • The first good news is the minimum payable amount. Earlier, that was only 7000 in INR, but now it will be escalated to 18000 INR. So, this is a great news for all the pensioners.
  • The gross salary with all the allowances is; going to go up by 24%, according to the latest declaration from the commission. So, a hike in salary or pension and a better after-retirement life for all.
  • Those who are retired from military works will be finding great benefit for them. The different allowances for them is going up to 50% of the present pension. The proposed pension scheme includes nursing officers, service officers and all defense related officials.
  • For all central government employees, the insurance coverage is also going to be hiked with this pay commission. This is going to secure the life and medical facilities for the senior citizens,

PGI employee pay scale

PGI employees are also going to find the benefit in their way due to the pay commission. They are not treated like the defense officials, but like the general Central government employees. So, the hike in basic salary, allowances, insurances are same like that of the central government employees. A total of around 24% of hike will be there for them too and the retired person of that group.

Salary calculator

There are different calculators available online, regarding the hike that you will find after the 7th Pay commission. Just go through those and make its certain the value that you will be receiving. The calculators are equipped with all the new set of rules, decided in the commission, this time. So, you will get a more accurate result from the applications and you will also be able to identify what is the reason of hike – the calculators are equipped in such style.

Hence, the senior citizens of Chandigarh are going to find their life simpler and more enthusiastic with the new commission at the gate.


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