7th Pay Commission in Goa Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

7th Pay Commission in Goa Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

After Bihar, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh now Goa state government has decided to implement 7th Pay Commission in the state of Goa. The CM, Laxmikant Parsekar has stated that whatever necessary things and steps were to be done are all completed. Now the state government is all set to revise the salary and pay scale of the Goa state government employees. According to the ministry at least 55, 000 employees will be benefitted and 45, 000 pensioners will get more facilities after the salary and pay scale revision.

Latest News

According to the Goa state government, the implementation of the 7th CPC will be effective by 2017 first half that is from January 2017. The salary hike and increase of allowances will be calculated from first day of the month January 2017. Though the implementation is all set to be effective in Goa, only the Part A of the 7th Central Pay Commission will be implemented. There is no news of other parts to be effective or not.

Consequently the state government employee will be benefitted but not in parts of the reports published by central government.

Date of Implementation

The Goa Ministry has decided and declared that the revised pay scale will be effective from January 2017. The entire paper work and the other formalities have already done by the ministry throughout the month of December 2016.

It was first decided that it will be effective from December 1st 2016. But it was then said by the authorities that revised pay scale will be calculated from January this year.

Committee / Panel Finance Ministry View Regarding 7th Pay Commission

  • Like other states Goa government too formed a committee of ministries to implement the revised pay scale. The Finance Minister Shree Daulat Hawaldar has issued the order.
  • According to the order, employees will get the revised salary from 2017. From 1st of January 2016 until 31st of December 2016 the revised salary will be calculated and added to the employees GPF account or special account. The same will go with the pensioners.
  • On the other the families of the employees who are deceased, will also be benefitted from January 2017. The revised pension will also be effective for them from the same time.

Revised Pay Scale, Salary, DA, Pension

  • As per the 7th pay commission report the salary of the state government will be raised by 23% approx. Depending on diverse designations the percentage will be decided. As a whole the salary will be raised by 23.5% following the final report of 7th Central Pay Commission.
  • As far as allowances are concerned, Dearness allowances will be raised by 2%. From January 2017, Goa state government employees will draw 12.5% DA. The revised 2% will be added from the month of July 2017.
  • Other allowances like House Rent Allowances, Travel Allowances and medical allowances will be same as before. All the employees, pensioners and family of deceased will receive these allowances as before.

Salary Calculator under 7th Pay Commission

Salary calculator for 7th Pay Commission is available online. The way of calculating the revised salary is simple. One has to visit any of the online pages that have 7th CPC pay scale calculator. There will be few boxes given; one will be for your current salary. Enter your current pay scale and multiply it with 2.35 that is the revised percentage. You can also calculate your DA and grade pay with the help of this calculator online.

Budget Allocation and no of Beneficiary for 7th Pay Commission

  • The total budget for implementation of 7th Pay Commission is set at Rs. 2, 553 Cr for Part A. Last year the total money went out as employees’ salary was Rs. 1946 Cr. This year it has gone all up to Rs. 2533 Cr for revision of pay scale.
  • Till last year per month salary was Rs. 213 Cr for the state government employees. This will be raised to Rs. 272 Cr from this year. Likewise for the pension the state government of Goa will have to bear cost of Rs. 13 Cr more on monthly basis.
  • In a recent report it was out that Goa is slowly leading towards debt trap. It has been said that against 1 rupee spending they earn 78 paisa only. The rest 22 paisa is being financed by borrowing. This will lead to debt trap one day. Having said that, the government also claimed that they are all set to implement the revised salary under 7th pay commission.

Other Benefits

The Goa state government, especially the finance ministry has claimed that the employees from the government educational system / institutions will also get benefits under the 7th central pay commission. Not only the direct but the undertaking organisations can also expect salary hike in current financial year.


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