Latest News Pay Scale and Salary Under 7th Pay Commission for Karnataka

Latest News Pay Scale and Salary Under 7th Pay Commission for Karnataka Employees 2018

Finally the Karnataka state government has announced to accept all the proposals of 7th Central Pay Commission. The implementation of the same will take place soon. According to the Chief Minister of the state the state government will follow the same terms and rules as declared in the central 7th pay commission. This clearly indicates that the state government will look into the salary appraisal of the government employees in Karnataka. Also other facilities such as allowances and perks will also be revised for many employees.

Latest News

As per the latest state news, the Karnataka state government is all set to implement the 7th Pay Commission regulations in the state of Karnataka. In 12th state budget, 4th for the current Chief Minister Shree Siddaramaiah, the declaration has been made. According to the declaration nearly 6 Lac state government employees will get salary hike after this implementation.

On the other, not only salary and pay scale but also pension and other facilities will be revised. The people across the state have shown support to this decision as it will bring up lifestyle of many employees including the pensioners as well.

Panel / Committee for 7th pay commission in Karnataka

According to Chief Minister Shree Siddaramaiah, a panel of a number of people will be formed to implement the 7th pay commission in state level. The panel or committee will be formed under the supervision of the financial department and the state ministry. This committee / panel will be formed at the time of the state budget.

According to the state ministry, before election this will be the full budget by the congress government in Karnataka this year. So the government has decided to start and implement all the proposals of 7th CPC with this budget 2017-18. The panel will decide and declare how much and from when the salaries of the employees will increase.

Expected Date of Implementation

Since January 2017 the state ministry was in talk to implement the 7th pay commission. As soon as the report was published, many states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and others, have accepted the 7th pay commission. When the final report of 7th CPC came out, a number of state government employees from diverse states asked for salary hike. Karnataka was one of those states. The state government of Karnataka has decided to implement the proposal of 7th CPC along with upcoming state budget.

The official date however has not been announced yet. The ministry is expecting to implement the salary hike according to new CPC from next Financial Year.

Budget Allocation for 7th Pay Commission of Karnataka

The total budget allocated for the implementation of 7th Central Pay Commission is Rs. 5800 Cr. The Karnataka government has disclosed this budget for the coming financial year. It is been a long time, state government employees are asking for salary hike in almost all the states but nothing has changed. After cabinet ministry published the report where more than 23% hike in salary has triggered the employees in state level as well.

The estimated budget for implementing central proposals in states will be Rs. 5800 Cr approximately. The ministry has declared that the burden of this much money will be levied on state government if the salary, pay scale, allowances and perks are being revised as per the central recommendations.

Expected Hike in Salary, Pay Scale, DA and Other

  • As per the 7th Central Pay Commission, the salary will be raised by 23.56% for the government employees. As of now nothing is confirmed but the pay scale is expected to be raised by 23%.
  • In case of pay scale, it is expected that Group A officers will get 14% hike while Group D officers are expected to get as low as 1% hike in their basic pay scale.
  • According to the CM of Karnataka, the pension of the freedom fighters will be increased. The salary will be increased to Rs. 10000/- per month from Rs. 8000/- per month. On the other for the Goa liberalisation fighters the pension will be Rs. 4000/- from Rs. 3000/- per month.
  • The Dearness Allowances, Medical Allowances and pension facilities will be increased same as the central pay commission. The DA is expected to increase by nearly 60%. Grade pay will be taken off instead the basic salary will be raised.

Salary Calculator under 7th Pay Commission of Karnataka State

Salary Calculator under 7th CPC is available online. The employees have to enter their current salary in the specific dialogue box and then calculate as per the new rules. The regulations and the rules will be mentioned in the site as well. Anyone who is willing to know about the new pay scale under Karnataka state government, then he / she can enter the current salary details and calculate the new pay scale.

Other Key Features

Along with salary appraisal, the state government will also provide facilities like laptops to students studying in colleges, engineering colleges (1st year students only) and also from polytechnic colleges. Also there will be 3 more airports in Chikkamagaluru, Madikeri and Karwara. Construction of under bridge and widening of Hebbal Bridge is also in the list.

Latest News Update In 2018

30% pay hike recommended for K’taka govt employees

Well, it’s the good news for the Karnataka state government employees. The state government of the Karnataka has received the pay hike recommendation of the Sixth Pay commission which was set during the June 2017 submitted its report recently to the state CM.

Key Points

  • The pay commission head and erstwhile IAS officer Mr. Srinivasa Murthy has submitted the first report by quoting the 30% hike to the state government employees.
  • With the implementation of the 30% hike, around 5, 00,000 employees will be benefited, if the recommendation gets approved.

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