7th Pay Commission of Odisha State [Pay Scale, Salary, Allowances] For Employees

7th Pay Commission of Odisha – State government announces higher pay scale and allowances for employees

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Just before conducting Panchayat elections, the Government of Odisha had announced its recommendations about implementing 7th Pay commission plan for employees working in the government sectors.  Later the implementation was delayed on account of the failure of submission of report by the fitment committee by due date.

Sources had stated that the report was to be submitted by 31st October 2016 for reviewing, but as the committee was not able to meet the dead lines for submission so employees and pensioners will have to wait for the plan to be implemented.

Date of implementation

  • On October 2016 an official announcement was made by the state government for implementing the 7th pay commission plan. Further it was notified that the government shall form a legal committee for preparing all possible guidelines with an aim to implement the plan in the state.
  • On 31st October 2016 the Odisha government had a formed a six member committee to help prepare working guidelines for implementation of the 7th Pay commission plan. The committee was responsible for announcing the revised pay scales for state government employees and pensioners in the state along with submitting its report.
  • Due to financial crises faced by the state the committee was not able to meet the deadlines for submitting its report on time. A statement was made by the committee about the delay in implementation of the plan. The implementation of salary hike is expected to be implemented from January 2017 onwards.

In an announcement CM Navin Patnaik made a statement that the government shall be implementing the plan as soon as the report is submitted by the committee. According to the latest updates the fitment committee has already begun with the process of preparing their report for submission.

Fitment committee report Odisha

  • On an average, a total number of one hundred and seventeen representatives from distinct associations have also spoken to the six member committee. Apart from this, some other employees of government sectors have also approached the members. The committee has also made clear that it is considering recommendations and requests made by both central and state government sectors including school employees.
  • The six member committee has presented its recommendations for revising salaries for employee’s in the state demanding better grade wage.
  • The committee has collected discussions from representatives of over twenty different associations so far. The demands collected have further been presented to the committee members for in depth analysis before making the final presentation.

Government of Odisha Finance Department Office Order

According to the state government, presently the state is going through financial crises. At this time the implementation of the 7th Pay commission plan will only increase the burden of the state government by nearly Rs 5,100 crore. According to State finance ministry, employees are presently drawing Rs twenty-nine crore as salary annualy. the moment 7 CPC is implemented the overall burden of the government shall increase.

 Budget Allocation for 7th Pay Commission

  • Latest stats show that on an average salary and pension budget in the state for 2016-17 was around INR 29,836
  • Government has recommended a hike by minimum eighteen percent for budget 2017-18 for salary and pension accounts. Further hike up to twenty-three percent is also expected.
  • In Budget 2017-18 government has reserved at least eleven thousand crore and twenty-two thousand crore for pension and salaries for employees.

 Revised Pay Scale / Salary / DA / Pension

  • Fourteen percent hike in basic pay for central government workers have been approved by the government. An overall increased basic for 2017-18 is around eighteen thousand minimum.
  • The state government has also approved that a salary of Rs 18,000 basic will be paid to C Grade employee.
  • A grade and B grade employee will be eligible to collect Rs 25,000 basic salary every month under the 7 Pay commission. A-Grade administrative officer is eligible for 45,000 basic salary every month.
  • Class 1 officer in the central government shall be entitled to receive salary between 48,100 to 56,100 monthly under the recommendation.
  • Cabinet Secretary can expect a hike in salary amount to around Rs 2.5 lakh monthly in the basic pay.

Salary Calculator Under 7th Pay Commission

With the implementation of 7th pay commission plan in progress the state government has already made it clear that the plan will be effective for employee’s salaries from January 2017 onwards. The commission has also stated that all possible arrears for employees will also be calculated and paid according to the revised salary. The arrears can also be calculated by anyone online using the live commission calculator for calculating the allowances and basic pay.

Other Benefits

Apart from implementing new revised salaries and pension plans for state government employees, there have been a few more recommendations made by the association members.

  • The central government has also approved a recommendation for increase in the pension amount for defense forces. The central government has stated that it has approved the hike in pension for central government employees under disability pension plan.
  • The government has also approved that under 7 CPC it will continue to pay defense personals with pension amount till any further notifications have been made by the committee.
  • Apart from this there have been recommendations requesting a hike in DA and other allowances by the associations.



Special Incentive Scheme for Doctors in Odisha

The Odisha government is all set to launch a new scheme that will offer financial incentive for those doctors who serve in state-run Medical Health Services Cadres. Naveen Patnaik, the current CM of Odisha said that only those doctors will receive these incentives, which have super specialization certificates. These specialists will receive a monthly incentive of Rs. 30,000. Those doctors who possess a post-graduation certificate from reputed institute will attain Rs. 20,000 as an inducement. Those serving candidates, which have attained post-graduate medical diploma certificate, will be offered Rs. 10,000 by the state government. This incentive scheme will provide young doctors to serve in government medical camps.

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