7th Pay Commission in Punjab Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

7th Pay Commission in Punjab Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

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The central government employees had been waiting for a warning on higher pay rise for the last eight months. They were expecting pay hikes this month. There are about 4.1 lakh government employees in the state. At first the government was about to announce the pay hike on March 9th. But it further got delayed.  A second commission is set up and will commence from March 9th. Right now all eyes are on it. The committee will work till April 12th. After that the results will be declared.

Committee for 7th pay commission in Punjab

The government in Punjab has claimed that the salaries are too high. But they are going to ensure that the dues are paid. Hence the commission is soon going to announce the implementation of the salaries as they promised earlier. The grade pay and the salaries announced earlier shall be kept in mind while making these changes.

Revised Pay Scale/ Salary |DA | Pension | Arrears

  • The minimum increase in the pay per month was Rs. 7000 to Rs. 18000. This means there was an aggregate increase in salaries by 23.5% in the 7th pay commission.
  • The government had earlier said that the employees will be able to draw their arrears from January 1, 2016 onwards. But the revised pay is available to withdraw from August, 2016 itself.
  • Earlier the government said that in metros the HRA that was to increase by 30% shall be reduced to 24%. But this move did not go down well with the employees and they had to change their stand later.
  • Punjab is not a metro city. It falls under Tier II city. This is why their HRA shall increase as per the latest suggestions of the committee.
  • The committee also suggested that the Travel Allowance should be kept the same. This too did not go down well with the employers. But for now this rule seems to be implemented.

Salary Calculator under 7th Pay Commission

As of now the HRA is set to be 30% in the metros. The government employees are eager to know what their arrears will be. If in the sixth CPC your pay band was Rs. 23800 and grade pay was Rs. 5400 then the salary of the person would be Rs. 75600.

Budget Allocation for 7th Pay Commission

In 2016 we knew that Rs. 64,677 crore was allocated for 7th Pay commission for the year 2016-17. The total salary and pension bill for the year 2016-17 was Rs. 102,756. For the year 2017, there has been a 7% increase in the allocation. So now the figures for 2017-18 is Rs. 69,221.70

Other Benefits

The other benefits include the increment of the basic pay. For pay band 5200-20200 the starting basic pay is Rs. 25500. From this point, whatever your HRA and your TA, the salary will be appropriately adjusted. The starting salary for grade pay Rs. 2400 at present is Rs. 30,200 after deductions as of 1.1.2017.


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