7th Pay Commission Approved in Uttar Pradesh UP Latest News | Hindi

7th Pay Commission Approved in Uttar Pradesh UP Latest News In Hindi

The Samajwadi Party has finally announced to implement a new pay commission in the state of Uttar Pradesh very soon. The govt. employees of Uttar Pradesh are getting their salaries according to the ongoing 6th pay commission. But as the assembly elections are ringing the door bell, this step to implement the new pay commission for the govt. employees is a major leap to attract votes. In the current parliament sessions, the announcement has been made by the Uttar Pradesh Hon’ble Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to implement the 7th pay commission.

Sl. No. 7th Pay commission fields Related data
1 Date of recommendation 19th July, 2016
2 Total no. of beneficiaries 21 lakh
3 Added financial burden Rs. 24,000 crore
4 Expected date of implementation Within 6 months


7th Pay Commission in Uttar Pradesh Latest News

Committee for 7th pay commission in Uttar Pradesh

A four member committee is going to be formed to study the recommendations of the 7th pay commission, already been made. After thorough examination of the pay commission’s recommendations, the committee will submit its final report within next 6 months. The chairman of the committee to examine and finalize the 7th pay commission is expected to be appointed by none other than Samajwadi chief, Shri Akhilesh Yadav. After the implementation of this pay commission, the govt. employees employed under the Uttar Pradesh state govt. along with the retired employees will experience a major hike in their salary structure, pension structure and other allowances. The main work of this pay commission committee is to examine the financial and economic constrains on the state’s economy after implementation of the 7th pay commission.

Beneficiaries under the 7th pay commission in Uttar Pradesh

After the 7th pay commission is implemented in the state of Uttar Pradesh, all the state govt. employees will get benefited. The new pay commission will not only hike their salaries, but also modify several allowances and other service benefits provided to them. A total of 21 lakh govt. employees are there in Uttar Pradesh who will be beneficial to this new pay commission. This also includes the retired employees of Uttar Pradesh state govt. who are drawing their pensions. The pension structures of the retired employees will be revived and new pension benefits will be soon introduced after the pay commission implementation.

Financial burden after the implementation of 7th pay commission in Uttar Pradesh

As per reports from the Finance Ministry of Uttar Pradesh, a huge financial burden is going to lad on the state govt. when it implements the new 7th pay commission for its employees. It is expected that a total of Rs. 24 thousand crore financial burden is going to come on the state govt. in addition to the current state financial expenses. Also, a total of Rs. 1 lakh crore added pension bill will have to be generated to provide revised pensions for the retired employees.

7th pay commission expected implementations

As the Uttar Pradesh Govt. has always followed the steps of central govt. in implementation of the pay commission of the govt. employees, hence, it is expected that the 7th pay commission of UP govt. will be have similarities with the 7th Central Pay Commission. The central govt. employees will get a 14.27 per cent salary and allowance hike.

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