7th Pay Commission of Uttarakhand Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

7th Pay Commission of Uttarakhand Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | Hindi

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According o the official sources, the State government has passed the approval for implementing 7th Commission plan. In another statement made, it has been clarified by the official sources that the implementation shall be in effective for calculating revised salaries for employees from January 2017.

The decision was made after the 7 PC was approved by the States finance ministry in supervision with CM Mr. Harish Rawat.  The official meeting for the approval was conducted in the Cabinet and was also decided by the committee that all past arrears shall be paid to the employees.

Date of Implementation

In the union cabinet meeting conducted recently by the members, it has been announced by the CM that the state government shall be implementing pay commission from January 2017. Apart from this, all other benefits including allowances shall also be calculated according to the recommendations of the commission.

Committee Panel

  • The state government had formed a committee for implementing 7th pay commission. The committee was headed by the states CM Mr. Harish Rawat as the chair person of the committee.
  • In another statement made by secretary and chief secretary D S Garbiyal and Ranvir Singh it has been notified that a three member team shall also be formed to look into guidelines for implementation of the plan.
  • It is also notified that Indira Hridyesh (Finance minister of the state) and Nav Prabhat (mining minister) shall also be a part of the working committee.

Revised Pay Scale / Salary / DA / Pension

  • According to the sources in the Union Cabinet, it is certain that the 7 pay commission is made keeping in mind to benefit over 2.5 lakh state government employees. The benefit shall be offer for both pension amount and salary amount.
  • It is also certain that the new recommendations in the commission stated shall also be bought in effect for employee’s salary calculations from January 2017 onwards. All past salaries for the employees from January onwards till date shall be revised and the difference be paid to the employees.
  • Employees withdrawing pension amounts shall also be paid past arrears according to the commission regulations.
  • The hike in basic pay will also be implemented according to the regulations of the pay commission. Government shall pass a new salary and pension budget for 2017-18 soon for government employees who are eligible for the benefit.
  • In a statement officials have also stated that all past arrears for the employees will be paid but the payment shall be made in their accounts only after the complete procedure has been finalized.

Salary Calculator Under 7th Pay Commission

According to the points stated in the Pay commission plan the revised pension and salary amounts will be calculated for all employees working in the government sectors. All other benefits including HRA, DA and other allowances for the employees shall also be calculated on the basis of recommendations made by the associations.

The government has also made a provision where all employees can calculate the new revised salary and pension amounts online using the revised salary calculator. Sources have stated that the new salary calculator shall perform the calculations on the basis of present basic pay and percentage hike in the salary under the 7th pay commission plan.

Budget Allocation For 7th Pay Commission

The 7th Pay commission plan was approved by the government and the cabinet to be implemented right before the assembly elections. Apart from this the finance ministry has also worked on allocating specific amount for calculating the revised pension and salaries for government sector employees.

In the statement made by the Finance ministry the state government has agreed to pass the 2017-18 budget amount of over Rs 1500 crore for revised pay scale, pension amounts and other allowances for the employees. The allocated budget amount has been prepared only after considering all other arrears that needs to be paid to the employees on the basis of the recommendations made by the members.

The new budget amount if said to benefit lakhs of employees working for the state government in different sectors. The benefits are also approved by the committee and expected to be paid to the employees ahead of the elections in the state.

Other Benefits

  • Amit Negi (Finance secretary) has been appointed the responsibility for implementing and taking all possible decisions for revised pension and salaries for the employees under the pay commission.
  • The government department and the treasury is also ready to incur and additional burden equivalent to around three thousand crore INR to calculate the revised pay scale.
  • Rishikesh, Dehradun and Haridwar have also been given the status of Metropolitan cities as per the recommendations made by he committee. Apart from this the government has also declared that DMRC shall be responsible for launching the metro projects in these cities.
  • All past arrears are also likely to be cleared for the employees according to the new calculations for government employees.

With the implementation of the new pay commission plan it is certain that the employees can feel relief even after the central government is struggling o overcome the demonetization factor. According to the sources the cabinet has also decided to appoint members to look into the appointment of school teachers in the state.


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