7th Pay Commission For West Bengal Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | West Bengal In Hindi

7th Pay Commission For West Bengal Latest News Pay Scale Salary Allowance | West Bengal In Hindi

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With the announcement of the 7th Pay commission by the centre in the state of West Bengal, employees working in the government sectors have already started calculating their new pay scale. The state government also expects to shorten the gap with the implementation of the Pay commission plan in the state for government sector employees as compared to one working in the central government sector.

Date of Implementation

At zero hour, the Union cabinet had given its approval about implementing the 7th Pay commission plan in the state. Although there were a few arguments about the beneficial factors offered to the state government employees as compared to the employees working in the central government sector, still the cabinet has announced to implement it by the month of July.

Apart from this, the state government also made an announcement of implementing the recommendations of the plan for calculating salaries and allowances (DA, HRA etc) for the employees from January 2017 onwards.

Committee for 7th Pay Commission in West Bengal

The 7th Pay commission was announced by the centre under the leadership of Mamta Banerjee led government. The committee was formed comprising members from the state and union cabinet, Finance minister and CM of the West Bengal state (Mamta Banerjee).

The committee was also comprised of other members including Affairs Minister in the Parliament (Mr. Partha Chatterjee), Sujan Chakraborty (member, CPI) and Mannan who were acting as the speaker for the state government. Apart from this, Biman Banerjee was also included in the committee for his role as the speaker for the state government.

Revised Pay Scale / Salary / DA / Pension / Arrears

  • The state government has made an official announcement under the 7th Pay Commission that a grant will be offered as interim relief for any employee working in the state government. The grant given is expected to be equal to 10 percent. This announcement was made by Amit Mitra (Finance minister for the state).
  • The grant is expected to cover different employees working for the state government at different posts including local government workers, teachers, employees for the state and pensioners. Government also announced that this shall be in effective from July onwards for the employees.
  • The government had also made the recommendations to offer with 10 percent increment in employees dearness allowance under the 7th Pay commission plan. The government in the centre also offered an additional allowance increment for employees by another 6 percent further reducing the gap as compared to central government employees.
  • According to the new revised pay scale in the state, the minimum revised salary for grade D employees will be around RS 12,440. This amount is including other basic allowances (DA and HR).
  • With the implementation of the new pay commission, it is expected that the state government employee shall get 75 percent DA and HR equivalent to 15 percent.

Salary Calculator under 7th Pay Commission

With the latest announcement of 7th Pay commission implementation, employees can now calculate their revised basic pay and total salary. According to the recommendations made government has announced a salary hike by 14 percent on the basic pay. This is in accordance to the increment offered in DA and HR equivalent to around 15 and 75 percent of the basic salary.

Budget Allocation for 7th Pay Commission

With latest updates on the basis of 7th Pay Commission, past backlogs for giving out 50 percent DA for employees is around eighteen thousand crore rupees. If the government is planning to give an increment of another 14 percent then this amount will go up by around seventeen thousand crore.

Presently the government has a fixed budget for implementing 7th Pay Commission plan of around 36,869 crore. Apart from this the state also has its fixed revenue equivalent to around 50,774 crore annually.

Other Benefits

There are nearly eleven lakh employees working in the state government in West Bengal state. It is certain that the 7th Pay commission plan is aimed at offering benefit to each employee working in the state government. It is also certain that a benefit of around 10 percent will also be offered to each of the employee as interim relief fund.

This is one of the benefits of the 7th pay commission plan that is offered by the state government to the employees working in the state government sector. With this being implemented it is certain that the government will experience an additional debt of around Rs 3000 crore.

Another benefit of 7th pay commission is that it is aimed at reducing the gap in salaries between central government employee and state government employee by nearly 16 percent. This is a beneficial factor for employees of the state government as they will be drawing salary almost equivalent to the central government employees.

The government has only made the implementation after reviewing all recommendations included in the 6th Pay commission plan launched earlier.


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