Lower Division Clerks | LDC Pay Scale Grade Salary Under 7th Pay Commission

Lower Division Clerks | LDC Pay Scale Grade Salary
in 7th CPC

The most awaited 7th pay commission has finally announced its hike for all the central government employees. There are a number of terms and conditions in the announcement seem to be welcomed by many people. There are many ways in which low division clerks are being benefited. If we see the statistics of the category, most of them were selected with the qualification of higher secondary level without any degree requirements. This is quite difficult for this category employee to improve from their grade pay; promotion is the only solution which will take several years to avails pay hike.

Table illustrates the facts about seventh central pay commission.

S.No Facts of 7th Pay Commission Detailed Explanation
1 When and by whom 7th CPC formed? CPC (Central Pay Commission) was formed by UPA Government, headed by Justice A K Mathur in 2014 February.
2 Time Duration for on which Pay commission formed by central government As per the terms published by government, around every 10 years central pay commission will be formed to revise the pay scale of its employees and pensioners.
3 How many will be benefited with the implementation of seventh central pay commission? According to government statistics, it is estimated that around 48 Lakh working employees and 55 Lakh pensioners will be benefited by 7th CPC
4 Recommend Minimum Pay Scale suggested by 7th Central Pay Commission As per the reports of 7th CPC, minimum pay scale of central government staff is Rs.18,000

With the current announcement in the 7th pay commission, there are a number of categories now clubbed together into a single category and most of the employees falling in the lower category can now enjoy the high pay scales that are earlier applicable only to that employee with the higher degrees. Now it is very easy for the low division Clarks to easily enter into the next category after the announcement of 7th pay commission. For those employee pursued the higher degree during their tenure, there are many probabilities now available for them to upgrade to the next grade Rs. 2800 within a short span of time.

For that employee who has persuaded their higher degrees than their qualification, they can now easily move to the next category within a short span of time and make sure that they can get to the next cycle of promotion within a short span of time and without any necessity to wait for a long period of time. It is unclear about how the clubbing of grades will work out and also it is also unclear about how further benefits will be applicable for the clubbed grade categories.

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  1. My qualification is BCA and i joined my Job as LDC on 4 feb 2016, should i can promoted to 2800 pay band my current pay band is 1900 and 5830.

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