Naib Tahsildar Pay Scale Salary Allowance Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

Naib Tehsildar Pay Scale Salary Allowance Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

Naib Tehsildar is a designation in revenue department under Indian government. The job of the Tehsildar is to handle the tax department. Mainly Tehsildars are working as a tax inspectors of the particular region or district. The duty of the tehsildar includes handling and preparing documents for the tax payers, registration process of property, registration process of other documents and so on. A Naib Tehsildar belongs to pay band 2. That is the pay scale of the naib tehsildar is ranging from Rs. 9300/- to maximum of Rs. 34, 800/- per month excluding allowances and grade pay.


Naib Tehsildar Salary

As mentioned that the designation naib tehsildar falls under the pay band 2 the entry level salary of the tehsildar starts from Rs. 9300/-. There are three posts in the revenue department which are related to naib tehsildar. The pay scale is similar for the two of the posts and the rest one is more but the grade pay is different from one to another. The post-wise salary of the revenue department is:

Salary Posts Grade Pay
Rs. 9300/- to Rs. 34800/- Land Revenue Inspector Rs. 4200/-
Rs. 9300/- to Rs. 34800/- Naib Tehsildar Rs. 4800/-
Rs. 15600/- to Rs. 39100/- Tehsildar Rs. 5400/-

Naib Tehsildar Allowances

  • Dearness allowances: the naib tehsildar receives 113% of the basic salary as the dearness allowances every month. This is same for all the three posts.
  • Travel allowances: a naib tehsildar receives travel allowances as well. If they are travelling from one place to another they will be provided the train fair. Also they will be eligible to go for a holiday once in specific number of years.
  • House rent allowances: Naib tehsildars are eligible for government quarters. If there is not any quarter in the concerned area then the employee will be able to get the house rent allowances.
  • Medical Allowances: medical allowances like medicines, long term treatments, one time surgeries and other medical expenses are borne by the government.
  • Pension/Gratuity: After retirement the employees will get pension and gratuity like other government officers and also they will receive all other benefits like DA, medical and so on.

Naib Tehsildar State-wise Salary

Sl. No. State Salary
1. Rajasthan Rs. 14, 100/-
2. Punjab Rs. 51, 924/-
3. Haryana Rs. 13, 900/-
4. Uttarakhand Rs. 13, 500/-
5. Chattisgarh Rs. 15, 600/-
6. Himachal Rs. 14, 500/-
7. Uttar Pradesh Rs. 13, 500/-

Naib Tehsildar Salary after 7th Pay Commission

After the repost of the 7th central pay commission the basic pay scale for the post of naib tehsildar has increased by 23.56%. As the salary of the naib tehsildar is different in different states all the states will implement the rate from 01.01.2016 depending on the current pay scale in that particular state.

On the other some of the changes in grade pay and allowances are made as well. The grade pay is completely removed after the 7th CPC report and on the contrary the DA is being hiked. Also after retirement the pensioners will be able to enjoy all the benefits like before during their services.


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